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  1. Default Need help planning 2 week trip w/ travel trailer

    We are trying to plan our first extended road trip with a 9 and 11 year old. We have a new travel trailer and are interested in taking kids 'out west'. We are starting out in home state of Ohio and would like to include major sites such as Mt. Rushmore, Yellowstone and Grand Canyon. Not sure where to start planning or if there are any good books to help get us going. Should we make reservations at campgrounds now or 'wing it' this summer. We have just begun our camping life and would like to squeeze what we can in two weeks with the kids this summer. Work schedules do not allow us more time off. Any suggestions/help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Default A good start !

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    You have obviously done some researching to find us, and with the aid of a good map and continued research you should be able to sort out a good itinerary and then we can help you "fine tune" your trip. You will see at the top of the RTA page a link to road trip books and as useful as they can be, don't get drawn in to someone else's idea of the perfect road trip, building your own is the real beauty of the open road.

    For camping during the summer in National parks would need booking at the earliest possible time and you can find info on every by clicking on the interactive map.

    Now the main issue I see is the amount you want to do, in the space of time you have could be stretching things a little, especially with the young one's. To get from home to Yellowstone to Grand canyon and back by the most direct route with a travel trailer would amount to an estimated 10 day's of driving and 4,500 miles depending on starting point. Now as you have only just bought your unit I presume it isn't going anywhere soon and you will have other opportunity's to use it ? If so I would suggest you concentrate your time around either Yellowstone or Grand canyon and surrounding area's and save the other for next time.

    Search the forums and road trip planning pages and you will find thousands of suggestions, enjoy the planning !

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    Default Yes, two trips

    Hello larry b,

    I totally agree with Southwest Dave's recommendation to concentrate on either the Yellowstone region of the Northern Rockies or on the Grand Canyon and the desert Southwest. You're likely to discover average travel speeds with a big tow are in the 45 mph range (as expressed for beginning of day to end of day, including all stops). Running hard and fast with a tow, through mountains and high plateaus all the way, just isn't likely to happen.

    The greater Yellowstone area includes the park itself, the Grand Tetons, the Beartooth Highway, Quake Lake, whitewater rafting on the Snake River near Jackson Hole, and literally innumerable other opportunities for daytrips while disconnected from you travel trailer. For a "first time", I would not overload the two weeks with driving while towing. Instead, get to one place, drop the trailer, and thoroughly explore the area, moving just short distances every few days.


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    if you plan to visit California and stay near the coast, I recommend you call campgrounds to see how early you can make reservations.

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