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  1. Default Car insurance for extended road trip with no home address

    Well, The Establishment does not be prepared to deal with the idea of not having a "primary residence" (not renewing the lease on any apartments anywhere) and going on a multi month road trip.

    I told GEICO what I was doing and they said they would "make a note" of it (over the phone). However they wouldn't email me a paper copy of the note. The written policy states: "...Oral promises or statements made by you or us are not part of this policy..." and "...If you give us false, deceptive, misleading or incomplete information... we may refuse to pay claims... Such information includes the... place of garaging of the vehicles to be insured..."

    There IS no place of garaging! I've told them that! They said it's ok verbally! But that doesn't count! I wonder if they would pay a claim? So much for peace of mind. (Trip starts next month.)

    Has anyone ever found a solution for this, or dealt with this?

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    Default AAA may have the answer

    Have you contacted AAA?? I have it on good authority (though I do not have personal experience) that you should be able to get the answer to this through them, or the insurance company with which they deal. If you do not get anywhere with your local branch, try contacting the head office in Orlando.

    It helps of course, if you are a member.

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    Default deal with a human

    I don't have any problem with Geico, and I suspect that you wouldn't have any problems even if thats what you did.

    However, what I would recommend is finding an actual insurance agent, and not just going with a company that employs mindless drones answering a phone in a cubical. An agent in your current town should be able to help you find a policy that will work with your somewhat unique circumstances.

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    thanks previous respondents.

    i briefly looked into "umbrella personal insurance" which is said to cover gaps and overages not covered by auto insurance, but many of the places require you to have tenant's insurance before you're allowed to get umbrella personal insurance.

    next, and more promising, i contacted a local traveler's (brand) insurance agent, and after explaining i might be interested in switching to them if they could provide some kind of "written" understanding, for more peace of mind, they said what may be the magic word, an "endorsement" a.k.a. "rider" could be added. we'll see!

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    went to local travelers (brand) insurance agent. they were able to write a policy that states "principal place of garaging vehicle = 'all other states'". (endorsements did not end up being the key, flexibility in typing something other than a specific, inaccurate address in the "principal garage" space did.) good enough for me. on to more important issues!

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