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  1. Default Brit needs help for Phoenix - Vegas - San Francisco Road Trip (on Motorcycles)

    Hi all from a newbie Brit,

    Some pals and I are planning a 'mid-life crisis' road trip on motorcycles in September this year and would really appreciate any useful suggestions/tips/tricks/routes etc. anyone can offer to help our planning.

    Originally we were doing a round trip in and out of LA but we now favour flying into Phoenix and out of's our outline plan.

    Phoenix-->Flagstaff-->Vegas (via Grand Canyon & Hoover Dam) -->San Francisco (via Death Valley & Yosemite). We then plan a rest day in San Francisco, before poodling down the Pacific Highway to LA, stopping overnight en-route somewhere near the mid-point.

    We have 9 nights planned, but the first one will be in Phoenix and we will pick the bikes up the following morning.

    Would really appreciate any help you are able to offer, including an idea of what we can expect the weather to be like (hopefully nice and warm!)


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    Default Phoenix to Los Angeles: 101

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Although this compilation is a bit old, it is not out of date, and is still the best place I can point you to in order to get some general background on the area you'll be exploring. I'd say that nine nights is just about right for a traveling tour of the places you've mentioned. I certainly wouldn't be trying to add a lot more to your list at this point. You will have time to take some of the more interesting roads such as AZ-89A north from Sedona to Flagstaff, AZ-66 west from Seligman through Peach Springs to Kingman, CA-120 over Tioga Pass, and CA-1 south along the coast between San Francisco and Los Angeles. If there are specific questions you still have after reading the discussions I pointed you to, don't hesitate to ask.


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    Default Normally.

    Would really appreciate any help you are able to offer, including an idea of what we can expect the weather to be like (hopefully nice and warm!)
    Sept and October are my favorite time of year to travel, good day time temps, lot's of colour and less crowds make it perfect IMO. On our visit in this area we experienced day time temps of mid 60's to high 70's and was just one digit off 100F in Death valley.

    That is pretty normal, but no guarantee, look at us here in the UK now !

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    Thanks for your help on this and AxBuck, those links were really useful thanks. I've been away a fair bit over the past few weeks so have only just got round to picking this up again. We've had a slight change of plan in that we are booked (WOOHOO) to fly in and out of Los Angeles, so the first leg of our journey alters somewhat. We have some pretty long riding days so would appreciate any thoughts on whether we may have bitten off too much/good places to spend the night/things to see en-route....

    The Masterplan
    Day 1 - Arrive in LA, 17th September
    Day 2 - Pick bikes up at LAX. Ride to Las Vegas (280 miles). Dull drive along the highway, but good to get used to bikes.
    Day 3 - Ride out to Grand Canyon Skywalk (GULP!) and back to Vegas (260 miles)
    Day 4 - Ride through Death Valley & stop at somewhere like Bishop / Big Pine (280 miles)
    Day 5 - Ride to San Francisco, via Golden Gate Bridge (320 miles)
    Day 6 - Rest Day in San Francisco
    Day 7 - Ride down Pacific Highway to Pismo Beach (270 miles)
    Day 8 - Ride to LA & return bikes (180 miles)
    Day 9 - Rest & Fly home, 25th September

    All feedback / help / suggestions gratefully received.

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    Default Skywalk ?

    The road to the Skywalk has a 10 mile unpaved section that is not recommended for motorbikes or sportscars and you might be in breach of your rental agreement by going "off road".

    I would actually recommend driving to the South rim of Grand canyon NP from LA [The Skywalk is on Indian lands] and spend a night in or close to the Canyon somewhere such as Williams, Flagstaff or Tusayan which is the closest but the dearest of the three options. It's quite a ride and you might have to stop earlier depending on what time you collect the bikes and get out of LA traffic. On the way back to Vegas you could hop on to part of the original route 66 through Seligman to Kingman which seemed to be popular with bikers when we went through.

    I would certainly drive across CA120 [Tioga pass] into Yosemite on the way to SF it's a spectacular drive !

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    Hi Skywalk,

    Thanks for the tips - we were wondering about the road up to the Skywalk. Is there a bus that runs from the end of the paved road up to the Skywalk? I think you're right in it being a bit dodgy to expect to ride the bikes on this track.

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    Oops, I meant Thanks Southwest Dave. Not got the hang of these forum things yet, obviously.

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    Default I've been called [a lot] worse !

    No worries, actually I though Skywalk was a pretty cool name Lol !

    According to this website there is a park and ride system in place if the skywalk is on your "to do" list.

    It looks like a fun trip and how I wish I could get the "better half" on a bike !

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    The skywalk is expensive. The shuttle is $15, admission to Grand Canyon West is $40.95, and admission to the skywalk is another $29.95.

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    Thanks for the tips guys - the Skywalk doesn't sound quite so appealing now. I don't mind the $15 Shuttle or the $29.95 Skywalk admission, but the $40.95 admission to Grand Canyon West is a nasty surprise - any idea what this is actually for and what you get for your $40?

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