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  1. Default Planning west-coast drive


    We are planning a drive from Los Angeles, for 10-12 days in september 2010. We want to spend a day in Los Angeles. We are talking about to see San Francisco and Las Vegas. Do you have any other ideas and route for us? We are used to drive, and can handle longer driving distances for two-three days...

    Hope to get many suggestions.

    Greetings from Norge.

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    Default A popular choice.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    The route you describe is one of the most discussed on these forums and you will find lots of info using the search button. LA to Vegas, across Death valley, up to Yosemite crossing the Sierra's on CA120 [Tioga pass] and onto San Fran before heading South back to LA on the PCH would be a very popular choice and you have time to do it. Pushing a little more you could take in the Grand canyon, travelling there from LA and then back to Vegas, but it's how long you want to spend on the road. There are many other options and here are a few of our favorites threads to get you started.

  3. Default Amargosa to San Francisco

    Hi folks!

    Some questions:
    1. Los Angeles to Grand Canyon. What is your preferred route when we want to take this in one day? Is it by the way possible to make it?

    2. The trip from Amargosa Opera House (is Amargosa worth 1 night stay when we are driving from Las Vegas?) to San Francisco. We are wondering about the driving time and the preferred route as a tourist that likes mountain and nature. First we were talking about it will take around 2 nights, but is it possible with 1 night and still get something out of Yosemite? What is the best route for us, either we choose one or two nights?

    3. The coastal drive from San Francisco to Los Angeles, how many hours? Is it "stupid" for us to be in the region and not drive this road at all?

    4. We will be in Los Angeles 22.sep and have 3 nights there before driving. Stay 2 nights in Grand Canyon, 2 nights in Las Vegas. The rest (around 5 nights is to get around, maybe all the way back to Los Angeles). We leaving to Orlando 3.oct either from San Francisco or Los Angeles.

    Thanks in advance for all the answers! If you understood some of the texts, it is "Northug"-english or Jagland... :-)

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    Default outline

    1- The only realistic way to get from LA to the Grand Canyon in one day is to take I-15 to I-40 to Williams AZ, and then go north from there. That is a long day on the road, where you'll basically be driving all day, and you shouldn't plan to really see the canyon until the following day.

    2- Based on your available time, I don't think Amargosa is an ideal stop. Its too close to Las Vegas and its on the wrong side of Death Valley. It would make more sense to spend the day in Death Valley, and then spend the night somewhere along US-395 like Lone Pine or Bishop.

    3- The coastal drive is spectacular and I would try to include it in your trip, however, it is a slow going route that just the driving (before stops) is 12-14 hours. I would strongly recommend 2 days for the trip from SF to LA via the coast.

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    Default Thoughts.

    I agree with all that Michael has said, and Armargosa is definitely not a good choice for an overnight with your schedule.

    4] If you are OK with flying out from SF you could consider heading towards Cambria/Morro bay from Yosemite and then drive around Big Sur to Monterey and back to SF. That would be something like, 1 night Bishop area, 1 night Yosemite, I night Cambria and 2 nights SF [or 1 in Monterey 1 SF]. If you don't want to rack up the miles and depending on your desire to see the PCH, you could easily spend 2 nights in Yosemite and explore it in a little more depth, it is absolutely spectacular !

  6. Default Grateful for tips


    I think we might not sleep overnight in Amargosa. When it comes to PCH, I certainly want to drive this road. I`ve read a lot about Glacier Point, and a trip up there is a priority. I am wondering about temperature in the Yosemite end of september? Is there a risk of snowy and icy roads?

    Do you have any suggestions for a day roundtrip from Hollywood? A route you can recommend for us and it is possible to do in 8-10 hours.

    Thanks for the very good advices Michael and Dave!

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    Default Nice time of year.

    When it comes to PCH, I certainly want to drive this road.
    I don't blame you ! Starting from Cambria could work well.

    I am wondering about temperature in the Yosemite end of september? Is there a risk of snowy and icy roads?
    You should be fine at the end of September, we have travelled in October and seen temperatures in the Valley in the 70's with it being cooler at high elevation and at night. You could quite possibly see temps still in the 80's during your visit to Yosemite. [No guarantees mind ];-)

    Glacier point ? Don't miss !!!!!!!

  8. Default Possible to do?


    We are some people going on a roadtrip. Our co-travelers want so much to stay at this Amargosa Opera House for all prices. We have been told that this is one the wrong side of Death Valley when we are heading to San Francisco. We want to go over Tioga Pass and sleep over at Fish Camp, saw that this is near to Glacier Point. Is it possible to go from Amargosa through DV and up to Tioga Pass to Fish Camp? Check link:,8.453979&z=8

    From Fish Camp next day we planning to go to Glacier Point and from there to Morro Bay and stay there for the night. On this way we will have the chance of seeing a good part of Highway 1.

    Do you have any other ideas how we can do it?

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    There are a few problems with that plan. The big one is that you are really going to have to shortchange your time in Death Valley and Yosemite. Amargosa is less than 2 hours from Vegas, so that day you will have covered almost no ground. Then the following day you're going to really really have to rush through Death Valley and rush through Tioga Pass to stay most anywhere in Yosemite. However your problem gets even worse because Fish Camp is just outside the south enterance to the park! So you're going to have to go all the way through the valley, well past Glacier point to stay there, and then backtrack in the morning. Even before you stop to see anything that day, you're looking at well over 10 hours just in driving.

    I'll also mention that if you want to see CA-1, the most spectacular section is the part between Monterey and Morro Bay, so I wouldn't go directly from Yosemite to Morro. Or if you were thinking of driving from Fish Camp to Glacier Point and then over to Monterey and down to the Coast to Morro, you've once again built a day that is just way too much to realistically do. Fish Camp to the Coast and down to Morro would be a long day by itself, and it just won't work if you've already spent half of your day at Glacier Point

    You'll have to figure out how you want to best divide up your time, but right now, I think you're going to be rushed to the point where you don't have much fun. If staying at the Opera house is a must, I would cut out a night in Vegas and instead leave vegas in the afternoon and stay there instead. From there I would add another night on the road, probably Lee Vining, so you can actually enjoy Death Valley and leave yourself a full day to enjoy Tioga Pass and some of the Yosemite Valley before spending the following night at Fish Camp. From there you can either go back into Yosemite and do more exploring, or start making your way over to the Coast.

  10. Default

    You really gave me something to think about. I saw that this distance is very far, and our time limit is short. Probably we have to skip either CA-1 or Tioga Pass road. We was thinking to go straight from Fish Camp to Morro Bay, fastest route. And then from Morro Bay we will take trip up north to San Francisco.
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