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    Hi! So two friends and i (all 18) are planning on taking a little roadtrip next week. We were planning on starting in NY(we're from long island)the go to pennsylvania, ohio, kentucky, tennessee, georgia, south carolina, north carolina, virginia, dc, maryland, delaware, new jersey, then back home to ny.
    I was wondering if in the time frame we have if this is even possible. we want to hit as many states as possible in as little time as we can. we're simply doing this as an adventure before we all go back to college. we will be in my mitsubishi outlander and were planning on rotating driving and sleeping, we've done smaller roadtrips before and sleeping in the car wasn't really an issue. we were also looking for ideas for places to stop and visit along the way. again we're all 18 and just looking to go and escape, have fun and make some new memories! any advice? recommedations? thanks!

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Yes, your trip is possible, however it seems rather pointless. It basically will require 4 days of near non-stop driving to do what you want to do in safe manner. There really is no reason for anyone to provide suggestions on things to do, as you wouldn't have time to do any of them.

    Your plan to have people sleep while others is quite dangerous and almost guarentees that you won't be getting enough good rest to safely complete this trip. Even if you haven't had problems in the past, its a game of russian roulette, and you are asking to have a problem in the future. Simply put, this sort of thought process is why people in your age group are at the highest risk for having a crash and why your insurance rates are so high.

    You can cover the miles while getting enough rest to safely do this trip - but that's all you'll have time to do. If that sounds like enough of an adventure for you, go for it. But if you're hoping to shortcut sleep to cram in your fun, then please reconsider. The adventure of being involved in serious crash (not an accident) because you decided to try to do too much is not what you are looking for before you go back to school.

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    Actually, I both agree and disagree with Michael on this. I strongly agree that your plan as presented is both rather pointless beyond burning fuel and watching the world go by outside your window, and both uncomfortable and unsafe. However, I disagree with both him and you on the plans feasibility. The fact is that you can hit all the states you've listed in around 1800-1900 miles of driving. That could be done in three days if you kept at it non-stop during daylight hours. You say that you have four days, so why not slow down a bit, plan on spending some time at a few stops along the way, AND get a good eight hours of sleep each night so that you all can be awake for the entire moving portions. With a little bit more realistic and detailed planning, and maybe dropping Georgia, this could go from a death march to a truly memorable experience.


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