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    Default National Parks of the Northwest

    National Parks of the Northwest- Hi we are an Australian couple who have rented an RV for 62 days from San Francisco out to Yosemite and after the plan so far is to head north to Washington state and come down through Yellowstone and finish in Las Vegas. We would be very grateful for any advice on suggested inclusions, detours, must sees, great campsites, roads best for RV's ??? Sorry that the questions are so general as we are just starting to plan for August/ September 2010

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    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    Your best bet at the moment is to get a good map of the USA and search the forums for inspiration as there are so many options open to you and the time you have. The NPS site has all the info you want on every park by clicking on the Interactive map. In my opinion these are the best places to stay when RV' ing, right in the heart of Nature's best.

    You have some dots on the map so do some research and start filling in some blanks and then we can help you "fine tune" your trip and piece it together. Heading to Vegas you have time to explore some of the amazing parks of Utah, Arizona [Grand canyon] and even Colorado !

    If you have time on your hands, here are a couple of RV trips taken by myself that might give you some ideas, From San Fran and Colorado/ Utah.

    You would need to book NP campgrounds well in advance as they book up early. The booking window won't be open yet, but check when it is and get on there as soon as possible afterwards.
    As and when you have questions just ask way !

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    You might want to have a read of my blog covering my trip from Seattle down to San Fran, through Death Valley and down to Sequoia, back to San Fran, across to Yellowstone and back to Seattle via Glacier NP. If you start with the first post and follow on through by clicking 'next' it might give a few ideas? When you have some particular queries then come back and we'll see if we can help.

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    Dave and Craig many thanks for your replies and good advice on directions for getting started with the planning of the trip. I have alot of homework to do and will start circling the map

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