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    I reside in Australia and am currently planning a Road Trip through Amercia, possibly commencing in San Francisco driving south, taking in Grand Canyon, Navajo Reservation and then completing journey in New York, endeavouring to locate a good quality and informative Road Trip book which will give me a lot of options, can anyone help.

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    Hi opper,

    There is of course, Lonely Planet and Go USA, but frankly, I think you can spend your money in a better way......

    By far the best thing you can do is get a large map of the USA. Map World have some good ones. My favourite is the National Geographic Map, which has the roads, urban centres and national parks marked on it.

    Then read through these forums, and note down the places which sound interesting to you. Make notes, look them up on the map, and plan your trip from there. Believe me, these forums have more information than you will find in any travel guide.

    When you have more information than you can cope with, on more national parks, national monuments, national forests and recreation areas, as well as cities than you will ever visit, and you know how long you have to travel, your mode of travel and time of year, you will get great advice from the experts here as to the best way to go about it.

    Of four trips, the one I took last year with information and help from this site, was by far the best.

    Lifey in Melbourne

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    Welcome to the RTA forum!

    If you check out the planning section of this site, you'll find an entire area about book reviews. Of course, Lifey's idea about getting a good map is also spot on.

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