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    Default Vegas to austin tx help needed

    We are planning on heading out for a workcamping job in February to Austin Texas from our home in Las Vegas.
    We are hopeful someone will be able to tell us the "nicest" route to take, ie; good scenery, as few mountains to cross as possible, good places to stay.

    The options seem to be Vegas to Phoenix/Tucson/Las Cruces/El Paso/San Antonio/Austin
    OR; Vegas/Albuquerque/Amarillo/Oklahoma City/Dallas/Austin
    or a mixture of both....
    We'd appreciate any help from anyone who's done this journey


    PS, we'll be doing it in a 5th wheel & F-350 Dually

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    Whatever way you decide on, I'd recommend you avoid Hoover Dam due to the security inspections involved, they thoroughly inspect RV's. With this in mind, my mapping program says the fastest way is US-95 to I-10 to US-290. This also avoids the long climb to Flagstaff. This is a 2.5 day drive, close to 1400 miles, with overnights near Tucson and Fort Stockton.

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