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    Looks as though it's all coming together nicely
    Looks like you spoke too soon. The wheels appear to have come off pretty spectacularly, to say the least! Anyone got any experience with getting a refund from Expedia? :(

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    Default Noooooooooooooo!

    Any chance?

    Sorry to hear that mate, I hope it can be sorted out, gutted for you :-(

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    Hey, it's one of those things. Just gutted that we have paid out well over a grand already on flights, accomodation, etc. Only good thing is that we were able to cancel the car without any fee.

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    If you had to cancel flights and accommodation, would not that be covered by your travel insurance?

    Lifey who is sorry to hear it

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    Well... I learned of this forced change of plan whilst in Copenhagen with K and we spoke to her travel insurance company who told us, no, it basically boiled down to us changing our mind (moron). I got back in late last night and managed to sneek a quick look at my own travel insurance this morning and the new looks more positive. I am waiting for them to come back to me with answers to a list of questions posed to them... fingers crossed! Presuming they agree we will get some of the cost back (presumably my flights and my half of the pre-booked hotels) maybe we can even afford to do something less grand earlier in the year. Easter maybe. How is Chicago in March? :)

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    Chicago in March can be COLD.

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    Sorry, I was being facetious. Maybe Seattle instead? :p

    Seriously, where would be a good place to head in N America at that time of year? Or are we better off trying to put something together over here? Maybe Italy?

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