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    Hello! We are 6 people from London and we'd like to do a roadtrip from new york to california. We'd like to do everything in 1 month. 2 weeks various states and 2/3 weeks for california. What you think? Can you give me any advice about our idea? We just want adventure without comfort or luxury. We'll work hard to can do this trip... We just want the cheapest way. THANK YOU ...

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    Default Some homework

    The thing to start with is to get a good map of the USA and lay down the route you want to take, what there is along the way - towns, national parks, etc. - and then come back with your plan, as well as your interests, etc.

    Meanwhile you may all like to take the roadtrip quiz, just to make sure all six of you are on the same page.

    And do some web searches as to what is available for six people in the way of a vehicle to rent. Be aware of age restrictions and surcharges, as well as a hefty one-way fee.

    Lifey would start with all that

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    Default spot on

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Lifey's advice is spot on. With a country this large, you really need to simply take some time and do a little research to figure out what it is you might like to see.

    A couple of hurdles you will have to consider:

    The timing. It takes about a week to drive from NY to California, and that's doing very little sightseeing. With a month for your trip, that's not a problem, but if you want to spend 2-3 weeks of a month long trip in California, that doesn't leave a lot of time left for exploring everything else.

    The size of your group is also going to be a pretty big issue. Its going to be hard to find a vehicle that will comfortably fit 6 people, and the rental fee for such a large van or suv along with a one way drop off fee is likely going to be extremely high. You may actually find that it is cheaper to rent two cars, although that won't be cheap either. You should also know that your motel costs will generally be doubled, as you will almost always need to get two rooms for a group of six.

    While it is usually not a good budget choice, you could be a rare case where renting an RV might be an more economical idea. If you got a very large RV, you would be able to move and sleep together, saving some money there. Just something to consider as you build your plan.

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