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    Default Milwaukee to San Antonio

    Hey everyone,

    My girlfriend and I are going to TX the 26th of January. I am wondering what the best route is between Milwaukee and San Antonio is? Any special concerns like construction or Tolls?



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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I can't say if its the best route for your trip, but the fastest route should be to go down to Chicago, take I-57 all the way through Illinois, I-55 to Memphis, I-40 to Little Rock, I-30 to Dallas, and I-35 to San Antonio. Its 1330 miles, has no tolls except for in Chicago, and you should plan on it taking at least 2.5 days at a responsible pace.

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    Thanks Mike. Ran the trip planner and it looks like a good route. My girlfriend and I are going to take turns driving. Would you have a good guess on how far between stops? I ran the trip in's trip planner and there is one part that is nearly 400 miles between IL and AR for a fuel stop. We have a Hyundai Elantra that gets about 30mpg and a 14 gal fuel tank, so range is close to the limit and I would think that 400 miles is a little bit of a stretch to drive anyways. What do you think?

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    Default not a problem

    I assure you that there is no place on any interstate - or really anywhere in the US period - where you'll go 400 miles between gas stations. In fact, on this route, if you go more than 40 miles without seeing one, I would be shocked.

    Even with 2 drivers, we really don't recommend going more than 500-600 miles in a day. Thats still going to put you on the road for about 10 hours a day. If I were doing the trip, I'd try to make it to Memphis on the first day (a long day of a bit more than 600 miles), then shoot for dallas on day 2, leaving you a relatively short final leg. Plus, since day 2 is pretty short at a little under 500 miles, you'd have a some time to take a quick tour through both of those cities.

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    Ah, very good idea. I'll have to leave notes as to how things go on the trip, with pictures.

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