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    Hey all,

    My wife and I live north of London, England. I'm British and she's American (from DC) I'm looking for some advice on a road-trip we are planning for late March 2010. We plan to start in Chicago on our about March 28th and drive through Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota, Montana (with a stop in a little town called Huson, given Huson is our last name) and on to Washington. The title says ending in Seattle but my wife is an avid Twilight fan and has talked me into getting to Forks, Washington too. We then plan to fly back to Chicago on April 8th for a wedding on the 10th.

    A few questions: Will the weather present us with any issues in those states at this time of year? Given we have 11 days or so to make the trip, and wanting to stop off at as many places as possible en-route...does this seem crazy or possible and what advice can anyone give? Any general advice would also be great.

    Thanks in advance
    Scott Huson

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    Default Weather and Stops

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    There is simply no way for anyone to predict, 2½ months in advance, what the weather will be like on your route as you are driving it. Yes, it is possible that you will see adverse conditions. In fact, I would be greatly surprised if you saw 11 straight days of sunshine and warm weather. But you have enough time that should you encounter anything you don't like, you can just wait it out.

    A few highlights along your general route might be Circus World Museum in Baraboo, WI; Mall of America in Bloomington. MN; Theodore Roosevelt National Park in western North Dakota; and Glacier National Park in northwestern Montana. Also be sure to check out what other sites were used as locations for the movie Twilight. My wife and I were very pleasantly surprised last summer when driving up the Columbia River Gorge to happen upon the restaurant and inn used as the location for the prom dance, and had a very lovely and relaxing meal on the lawn overlooking the river with a view almost to the ocean.


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