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    Default Fort Worth To San Diego


    I am a first timer.

    I am planning for a road trip from Fort Worth to San Diego in the beginning of April. I planned this trip for a week long. After I arrived in San Diego, I will take a plane back to Hong Kong.

    There will be two adults traveling with me, they are from TX and will fly back to DFW.

    I have done some research on how to spend this week wisely. For example, going to casino, mountain sight and so on.

    Would you be able to suggest me any must see sight before I am going home??
    Do you know any reasonable hotel for us to stay on the way there??
    I will be renting a SUV, therefore, some mountain road is welcome.

    Thanks, I will update this thread constantly to let you know my final plan.

    Thanks for the contribution

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    Default a few warnings

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    First of all, you shouldn't know that renting an SUV isn't a license to go off road. Driving pretty much anyplace where you can't take a car will invalidate nearly all rental car agreements.

    We're really not going to be able to provide much help for specific hotels, as there are hundreds of possible ones, depending upon how you choose to break this trip up and what routes you end up using. I would plan to spend at least 2 nights on the road for this trip, however. Its pretty much a 2.5 day trip, so you could break it into 3 medium legs, or 2 long ones and a short day - or of course you could just spend more time on the road.

    Here are some good ideas for things that you could see along the most direct path.

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    Default What have you got ?

    It would help if you were to share your research so far and then we might be able to make suggestions along that route. After all it is your trip, and if you have decided how to spend your time wisely that is the most important thing, what you want.

    With a week you could take a more Southerly route at a more relaxed pace or you could head North towards I40, even the Four corners region and possibly experience Monument valley. Grand canyon and even Vegas would be possible from I40 if you so desired. Of course it will also matter how much time you wish to spend on the road as this would add considerable time to your journey.

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    Thankyou so much for the messages.

    Now I know what is missing. I will have to talk with my co-travelers more before I can post some of the research I did for this trip.

    Like I said, I will keep this post update so that you know my final route.

    Thanks again.

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    Planning has come to an end. Here is what my travel plan going to be.

    We will fly off from DFW to Las Vegas on Monday 04/05
    We will spend two night in Las Vegas.
    Tuesday, we will take a tour bus to Great Canyon. (Any good tour company you will recommend??)
    Wednesday we will rent to drive from Las Vegas to San Diego.

    We will still in San Diego till Sunday than I will drive up to LA. Will fly off from LAX on Sunday evening.

    Now, here is my question.
    Do you have any good recommendation to visit around in San Diego??
    How about in LA, anything to visit around in LA for one day.


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    A one day tour bus from LV to GC and back will not do the GC justice. I would recommend you rent a car in LV for dropoff in LA and rearrange the trip so you drive from LV to the GC, spend a night there, then drive to SD and LA.

    The major attractions in the SD area are Sea World, the SD Zoo, and the Wild Animal Park.

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