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  1. Default 23 days southwest roadtrip in juli

    We are planning a 23 day roadtrip in juli 2010.
    We' ve decided what we want to see in those days, but are not sure that we've taken the right lenght of time on the right places.

    could some one check it and maybe give a little advice?

    day 1: arrive in phoenix and pick up the car
    day 2: drive towards sedona, take a walk there and sleep on the camping (tent)
    day 3: drive towards and visit the grand canyon and sleep on the camping
    day 4 visit grand canyon en sleep on camping
    day 5: drive towards monument valley and a short visit and sleep on camping
    day 6: maybe a bit of monument valley, but then drive towards mesa verde to sleep there on the camping.
    day 7: visit mesa verde, and drive towards Moab, and sleep on camping from Arches.
    Day 8: visit Arches, drive through towards Torrey (over route 72) and sleep in motel in Torry
    Day 9: drive further towards Bryce canyon and sleep there on camping.
    Day 10 drive to Zion and sleep there on camping.
    Day 11 Drive to Vegas and sleep there in Hotel.
    Day 12: Drive through death valley to Bishop and sleep there in Motel.
    Day 13: via Tioga pass towards Yosemite and sleep on camping
    Day 14 visit Yosemite and sleep there on camping
    Day 15: drive towards San Faransisco and sleep in Hostel
    Day 16: short visit San Fransisco and drive highway 1 (sleep somewhere near Highway 1)
    Day 17: Drive Highway 1 to "near LA "and sleep there.
    Day 18: drive to and visit LA and sleep there
    Day 19 visit LA and sleep there
    Day 20: drive to yoshua tree and sleep there on camping
    day 21: drive towards phoenix and sleep there
    day 22: take the flight back home

    We have still 1 day that we can plan in to our schema, but we haven't decided where we going to put it. any sugestions? (maybe San diego or 2 day San Fransisco .. something like that??)


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    Default Well Done

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    In general, your plan looks well paced ot give you at least a first worthwhile sampling of the 'best of the southwest' sites you've put on your list. You could always spend more time at each of those locations, but if this is the amount of time you have, you shouldn't feel too rushed. If I were you, I think I'd use my extra day either in Death Valley/Yosemite or along the Pacific Coast Highway (CA-1) south from San Francisco to Los Angeles. I certainly wouldn't be trying to add any more stops to your itinerary. You should also probably try to make your camping reservations as soon as you get your final plans worked out. Especially in some of the more popular locations, camp sites book up early.


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    Default Some thoughts.

    I agree with Buck, your trip is going to keep you moving but will give you a good insight into the area's you are visiting. The NPS interactive map will give you all the info you need on the each park with camping info, and should be booked as soon as possible after the booking window opens.
    The campgrounds book up very quickly and in my opinion there is no better place to camp. You stay in amongst the heart of the park and it also saves having to pack up early to enter the park with the crowds, you wake up with it all on your doorstep.

    As you are visiting a number of parks it would be "dollar wise" to buy an annual pass for $80 that allows you entrance to all the parks for a year. [camping not included] This will pay for itself in most cases after visiting 4 parks.

    An extra day ? I like Buck's idea of slowing up in the Yosemite area but I also think you are rushed when visiting Arches NP. With the travelling you are not going to get the time here that it deserves. The Devil's garden campground at the top of the park is wonderful and I would recommend a walk from the campground to Broken Arch and Sand dune Arch as well as the many other points of interest.

    Another thing I would like to mention, is that I preferred the "Islands in the sky" section of Canyonlands to Mesa Verde and it would cut down some of your miles and you would be able to set up camp in the same spot for a couple of nights in Arches, giving you a day off from packing up and setting down camp, but of course it is your decision.

    Last one for now, Capitol Reef NP near to Torrey would make a nice overnight stop.

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    thanks very much

    maybe our schedule is a little bit to tight for al those things, because we would also like to hike a little bit in each park... (some longer then others)
    and maybe with our schedule, we'll be sitting more in our vehicle than walking outside.

    but it's hard to choose in such a beatifull areas

    maybe with some more research, we'll be able to decide what we do and don't...

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    Default Balancing act.

    It's alway's tough to get the balance right that suit your own needs but that's the beauty of the road trip, choosing your own pace and going where you want. You still have time to look through the forums and study the maps before deciding whether it's a case of "less is more".

    Enjoy the planning !

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