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  1. Default Road tripping to hug some tree's.

    Hello new to this site. I am currently planning a road trip March 19th-29th, from St. Louis to Yosemite, as well as Inyo National Forest Reserve to see Methuselah, the world's oldest living tree. Another stop will be in Winston, New Mexico. I am seeking any advice on route's or must see's. Thinking about running by San Francisco as well. Thank you for any input anyone has.

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    Default One way trip?

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    You have many options but we don't do "must See's" around here as every trip is individual and options always out weigh time availability. Certainly as it's a "tree hugging" trip you should go and give "The General" a hug in Sequoia NP. Well, actually you will have to blow him a kiss as there is a small railing around the base of the tree, but it is the largest living thing on the planet.

    Have you any other interest's, and is this a one way trip or a return journey within said time ? If it is a return journey you will be pushed for time as it is, and would need 8 day's for the driving alone.

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    Default in sticking with the theme

    I would think that if "old trees" are a big part of the theme of this trip, then a stop at Petrified Forest NP along I-40 in Northern Arizona would make for a pretty good stop.

    I completely agree that Sequoia is another great stop to check out some massive old trees that would be a good idea for this trip.

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