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  1. Default More of an autumn road trip...

    So, I'm coming over from England later in the year to travel around America. The last month of my trip is going to be a road trip from Orlando to New York. I have 3 weeks and 5 days to see as much as I can between those two places on quite a small budget in October.
    My question to you is - where should I go and what should I see?
    All ideas welcome!

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    Default a blank check

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Over three weeks you could see pretty much anything in the Eastern Half of the US. In fact, nearly the entire country could potentially be worked into a trip, depending upon what sort of pace you like traveling at.

    However, you've told us zero about what sorts of things you are interested in and want to see and do. Without that information, we're really just stabbing in the dark as to what might be a "must see" for your specific trip.

    If you give an idea of what sorts of things you already know you want to do and what kinds of things are appealing to you, we can help you focus things in a bit.

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    Default Route 66, Lincoln Highway or National Road

    At some point, a trip along one of these roads would be a good idea.

    The National Road dates from the first half of the 19th century, Lincoln Highway was America's first transcontinental road, and Route 66 is the Mother Road.

    I especially like 66 because that gives you a real taste of America.

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    I agree that where to go and what to do depends solely on you.

    The Southern Appalachians lie right on your route, so if you're interested in including them in your trip I'm here to help as much as I can.

  5. Default Interests

    OK, well I'm interested in seeing as many historical sights as I can to learn more about America. I love music and the arts (especially the theatre) so if there are any concert halls, musicals or festivals that are great then that would be nice to know. I'm glad someone said about taking route 66 because it'll give me a real taste of America because that's what I want!
    I also like anything a bit out of the ordinary, so if there's anything on the way up the east coast that I just wont find anywhere else in the world that is weird and wonderful then I'd love to know.
    I also love food, so if there is a must visit restaurant that you know of tell me where.
    Hope that helps, and thanks for the responses so far!

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    If you like food and music, New Orleans sounds like a great place for you to visit. Some other cities with good music scenes are Chicago, Memphis and Nashville and some of the most important American music originates in the Appalachian and the Mississippi Delta regions (northern Mississippi along the river). These would be primarily in the rock/country/blues genres. I don't know enough about those cities/areas to give specific suggestions, however.

    I imagine that New York City will have a far bigger theater scene than any where else that you might visit, but I'm sure there is good theater in any big city.

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    Default Must See for the history/Music Fan

    We spent several months on the east coast on our year long trip around the US. For your interests here are a few things I would recommend:

    * Washington DC - Monuments and the Smithsonian - Air/Space, and American History were two of my favorites. There is also a small museum about music, but I can't remember what it is called - it is part of the Smithsonian complex of museums. All are free.

    * Grand Old Opry ( Friday and Saturday nights brings live broadcasts in a fun casual atmosphere. It has been moved from the old Ryman Theatre (also worth seeing) to Opryland where you sit on church pews, just like at the old Ryman. (Nashville)

    * You might also consider the Spring Pilgrimage in Natchez, MS - you get to tour old antebellum homes and learn a lot about the south.

    * I agree that New Orleans should be on your list for music - Try the famous Pasquale Manales for real southern Bar-B-Qued shrimp - heads on and all!

    * The Freedom Trail in Boston is excellent for Revolutionary War history and a visit to Gettysburg ( ) is not to be missed for Civil War history. There are also several famous Civil War battlefields in the south. The National parks Service ( has great brochures and a wonderful website for all the park locations.

    * Newport RI - for its incredible mansions from the gilded age - the Astors, Morgans, Vanderbuilts and more spent their summers there with incredible parties, the rest of the year these palaces sat empty. Also, the Biltmore in Asheville, NC is fabulous - if you like old homes (at least by American standards...)

    * What could be more American than Elvis? They do a wonderful tour at his former residence in Memphis, TN - we thought it would be kind of "cheesy", but we really liked it - you'll get a good idea of what Elvis was really like.

    * For theater, you have to do the half price booth in Times Square (NY) - every day in the afternoon, unsold tickets for the plays go on sale 1/2 price - bring CASH (maybe they've changed it by now, but maybe not...).

    I could go on and on, but maybe check out the journal we did on our trip for other ideas at - pages 5-7 have most of the locations you are traveling through - and pictures too!

    Have a great trip.

    Carol White

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    Other historic sites:

    * Chickamauga Battlefield - part of largest military park in the US with units on Missionary Ridge and Lookout and Signal mountains. Second bloodiest battle of Civil War and last major Confederate victory.

    * Natural Rock Bridge, Incline Railway, Point Park, Rock City Gardens and Ruby Falls on Lookout Mountain (early tourism industry).

    * Trail of Tears sites: Audubon Acres, Blythe Ferry, Ross's Landing and Red Bank.

    * Cades Cove, Oconaluftee, and Cataloochee in the Smokies.

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