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    So myself and two mates of mine are planning a two-month summer 2010 road trip from the East coast to the West, Top Gear Style. For our American chums, this means we're planning to purchase a car each (as opposed to renting a single car) upon arrival in Boston within our set of rules (as we're in America, must be an American car and convertible, as it's going to be deadly hot, and the car must be bought for between $4000 and $5000), and see who's can handle the journey best in terms of reliability, comfort, looks etc., while having a good time along the way.

    Our route is roughly: Boston, New York, DC, Nashville, Atlanta, New Orleans, Houston, El Paso, Vegas, LA, San Fran, Seattle.

    Projected money we need to bring each (including cashflow for purchase of car, which we plan to sell at the end): $11000, which includes flights (roughly $600), food, accomodation, entertainment, souvinirs, entry fees, parking fees, fuel etc etc.

    Was wondering if there are any major flaws with our plan? e.g. any limits on non-US residents purchasing cars? Two of us will be 21 by the time we leave the UK, and one of us will be turning 21 during the trip - will car insurance be a huge issue for us?

    Another thing is - does our car budget ($4000-$5000) allow us to get cars that don't break down on this kind of journey? I've seen some decent looking 2nd generations Camaros that look fit for the job but are they reliable enough? Are there any break down services that we can sign up to who will come repair us whenever we break down?

    Any help with these, or general tips will be hugely appreciated. We're perhaps two weeks from booking our flights - very excited!!

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Unfortunately, for you, when Jeremy comes to America and 'buys' a car, he has all the resources of BBC America behind him, including a substantial budget (especially for things that don't get mentioned on the show), but more importantly, he has a prior entity with legal standing in the U.S. He has a fixed permanent address to register the car to. He has people to do the leg work to find a suitable car long before he shows up with a film crew. And he has the financial backing and insurance coverage of the BBC at his disposal. Which of those do you have? But all that gets seen on the Telly is that he shows up in America, finds a nice car, buys it, and heads off down the road. If only life were so simple. We have had many foreign nationals inquire about purchasing a car as a foreigner, but the fact is we have never had one report back that they had successfully done so.


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