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    okay so for my birthday (march 14th) i have this idea of taking a road trip from the amazing (:D) Austin, Tx to California. I've never been on a road trip before but since my birthday is during spring break and after have a big party last year i thought of toning it down a little for the big 1-6. I have traveled before on flight to Vegas and this past summer to Europe but those were planned for me and now it's up to me to plan this for about four other people (ages: 9, 18, 36, and a young 53 year old). the traveling dates would be: Friday, March 12th - Tuesday, March 23rd. i'm thinking thats a good number of days and only 3 school days would be missed. from another thread i read maybe going through amarillo to arizona is a good route so from watching The Travel Channel and other such shows i've come up with some neat places that we could go.

    - Cadillac Ranch

    - The Flintstones Bedrock City.
    - Grand Canyon?
    * a motel to stay at that i found is the Haunted Caboose: Canyon Motel.

    things i'd like to do in California:
    - hollywood walk of fame and a sightseeing tour (of course)
    - be in a taping of Lopez Tonight (the whole purpose of this trip)
    - i'm also a big Marilyn Monroe fan and any tourist site to do with her would be cool.
    - Universal Studios.

    so basically i dont have very much direction and i definatley need some direction. if anyone can help and added thumbs up will be given


    ps. i was thinking maybe my family can do some fun things on the way to California and also stop at attractions on the way back home so we don't get bored and maybe have more relaxed time than doing one thing after the other.

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    There are really only two things you need to be aware of as you plan any RoadTrip: What's available and What do people want? The first is easy enough. There are several resources just on this website, including lists of things to do by state and by highway. You can also simply go on-line and use your favorite search engine to look for hits on {statename tourism OR attractions}. The second is a bit more subtle and will require that you really sit down with the other members of your traveling party and get their input, nut just on the What, but on the How. This 'quiz' is a good place to start. Then with those two bits of input as a start, sit down with some good maps of your route and Los Angeles and start stringing things together in a manner that gives everybody something of what they want.


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