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  1. Default MidWest Road Trip 3 weeks in Sep, Suggestions??

    Hi there,

    I'm from Vancouver, BC and am planning to do a solo road trip through the mid-west next September. I am unfamiliar with this part of the states as I've only done the coastal areas.

    I would like to start by driving east through washington to Idaho/Montana then south thru Utah to New Mexico, then continue east for a while then back up North. So kind of a U shape route.

    Sorry if it's a bit vague but I'm looking for suggestions as to what would be a good itinerary. I am not interested in visiting cities necessarily. I'm looking for great scenery, interesting places with history, and hoping to get to know local people as I go along. It's sort of a personal soul-searching trip. Places I've heard of and sound interesting so far are Yellowstone National Park, Glacier National Park, New Mexico, Red Rock Country, Memphis, Kansas, Mississippi River, Teton National Park...

    If anyone can suggest locations, routes, advice on this please let me know.


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    Default Welcome!

    Welcome to the RoadTrip America Forum!

    You've got both the Midwest and the Rocky Mountain areas in your general route. In Utah you have Bryce, Zion, Arches, and countless other wonderful areas both in national parks and just along the roadside to catch spectacular views.

    Is there anything in particular that has you mentioning Kansas? That may be a good area to stop in a small town and try to get to know people as you mentioned. I don't know that you get a sense for a local community within a national park since most of the people there will be visitors like yourself.

    I'd ask the same of Memphis - there must be something in particular that has drawn you to be interested in the city, despite your mentioning of not being generally interested in visiting cities on the whole.

    About how many days are you looking to spend in each stop along the way? For instance, Yellowstone is well worth spending a few days to get out and about on the trails.

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    Mass Tim,

    Thanks for your reply and info.

    Well, I've got 3 weeks so I can't see why a couple of nights in Yellowstone would be a problem. Then again, how many days will I need since I'm planning to go as far south as New Mexico? Will I have time to extend my stays in places that I like?

    There was nothing in particular that is drawing me to Kansas or Memphis or anything, I just thought that it made sense to go through these areas based on the route I'm thinking of taking. However if I hear other suggestions as to possibly a better area to stop at I'm totally open.

    You mentioned some small towns to stop in, let me know if you also have any ideas for that. Do you think the idea of cutting down the Rocky states, Utah, then cutting east from Arizona makes sense? How far east should I go before heading north? And what areas heading north would you take?

    Sorry for all the questions! :)


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    Default Your choices.

    It really is for you too decide where you want to spend your time and how long you spend of that time in any given place, how far East you might want to go and so on.

    The beauty of the road trip is being able to go at your own pace to the places you want to go, and as such there is no one "better place".

    You say you don't have anything drawing you to Kansas and Memphis yet it is on the route you are thinking of taking, Tim's question was what or why ? There is nothing wrong in your decisions, if you want to head East, head East but there is more than a life times worth of things to see on your outlined itinerary so you will have to pick and choose accordingly. You could spend 3 weeks in Colorado and Utah alone and only scratch the surface ! Both offer amazing scenery, National parks and "small town America", as do many other States.

    Study the map and use the search button to get info throughout the forums and road trip planning pages and when you have a good idea of how you want to spend your time we can help you "fine tune" your trip and get the best from it.

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    Cool, thanks for your suggestion Dave. I will do some searching around here.

    In the meantime if anyone else has suggestions on specific locations in the mid-west please bring it on.

    Thanks :)

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