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    Hi there everybody!!

    I am new to this site but from what I've read on other threads it is brill that there is some very in the know people out there that I'm hoping can help.

    Me and my boyfriend are from the U.K and are travelling the U.S in August 2010. The only plans we have so far is a flight into Chicago and a 2 week car hire from there. We are then flying to L.A but have the California bit covered as we're meeting friends.

    I've read that you can travel to Niagra Falls from Chicago then travel down the East Coast - I have to say this route and New England seems really appealing and we love the pretty places. I have absolutely no idea of any 'hotspots' but I love everything about America so I don't think we'll be too hard to please.

    Does anyone have any suggestions for our trip?? It would be much appreciated.

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Most people who would want to tour New England and Niagara would fly into Boston or New York, but it can be done from Chicago as well. A couple of things worth checking before you set out are whether your hire car can be driven into Canada and whether your visa will permit multiple entries into the United States. The answer to both of those should be 'Yes', but you should just make sure. If that is the case, then perhaps the best way to do such a trip would be to do a loop trip through Ontario to Niagara Falls, on across New York State to New England and back across northern Pennsylvania and Ohio to Chicago. If you had something else in mind by the way of 'hotspots', let us know.


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    Thanks for info - the route was what I was having a problem figuring out. At least I have an idea now - we were just going to get in the car and see where we end up with a few places in mind to stop.

    I'm going to check the car and visa info also as I didnt think of that.

    Have you ever been to New England, can you reccommend any places that are worth the stop over??

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    Yes, I lived in New England for about a dozen years and still consider it 'home'. And yes, I've already given you many of my best recommendations. If you click on the blue, underlined words 'New England' in my original response, you wil be taken to a listing of some of my most informative posts on the subject, also blue and underlined, which can be clicked on for detailed information, Similarly, you can click on 'New York State', 'northern Pennsylvania', and 'Ohio' for information om those stretches of your drive.


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    Thanks for your help! I didnt have a clue about the underlined blue text so I think that will be very useful.

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