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    Default Moving from Indianapolis, IN to Provo, UT

    Hey all!

    First time posting on this forum, but I'm really glad I found it! I was in super panic-mode but I'm already feeling better after reading some of the other posts, so I decided to try one of my own.

    Closer to the end of January, depending on the weather, I'm making a HUGE move (for me) to Provo, UT from Indianapolis, IN. I'd love to wait a little longer so that I didn't have to worry about picking the safest route or which one is less likely to get me stuck in a snow drift, but I'm getting a transfer at work. So unless I want to wait until August to try for another transfer, I'm pretty much stuck leaving at the end of this month!

    I'm trying to find someone to give me advice on which roads would be the very best to take? I've been told to head south to try to avoid the mountains and then go up into UT but I've been told it's best to just head straight across.

    The only mandatory stop along the way would have to be Kansas City...they have a T-Rex Cafe I've been dying to go to for about a year! Other than that, my trip is entirely open. I was hoping to have it done in less than 5 days, but if safety requires more so be it. If the majority of you say go south, I'll go south. If the majority says cut straight across, that's my plan. Well...that is if I don't see a huge snow storm coming at me from either direction.

    Thanks so much ahead of time!

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    Default stay straight

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    The most direct route is almost always the best route. Every route across country can and does see bad weather, so adding miles by going south means you'll be on the road for more time - and that alone can increase your odds of seeing bad weather.

    In your case, Taking I-80 across (possibly taking going up to I-84 to avoid Parsley's Summit), either to I-25 and connecting to I-70 in Denver or taking I-80 to Nebraska and then I-29 into KC are going to be your best bets.

    As long as you don't see a major storm, 5 days should be plenty of time to make the trip, and even give you a day of wiggle room if you see some winter weather.

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    Default Some misdirection, perhaps?

    Hello Brewke,

    The way I read your original post, you're making an Indy-Provo trip. My read of Midwest Michael's response indicates he sees Provo-Indy.

    Assuming you're headed west and want to go to KC, I'd just stay on I-70 all the way through Denver, the Rockies, and into central Utah just past Green River. There US 6 takes you northwest to Spanish Fork, just south of Provo.

    If the weather is looking bad in CO but good in NE, WY and northern UT, you can run up I-29 to NE-2, bypass Lincoln, thence join I-80 all the way into UT. If there is active bad weather entering UT, turn west on I-84 to Ogden rather keeping I-80 over Parleys Summit. It's a few miles farther but you avoid a +7,000' pass at Parleys.

    I'd have a long look at the forecasts along I-70 and I-80 before leaving KC. If you're equipped, you can check the CO, WY, and UT webcams linked to their Dept of Transportation websites. All of the routes described herein have a number of webcams showing real-time road conditions, and they're usually at "trouble spots" like passes. That said, it's rare for a pass to be closed for more than a few hours.

    Oh, and have a look at the "chain laws" for the states you're traveling through. You might be wise to purchase chains, and if you do, by all means practice putting them on in your driveway. The "chain up area" along I-80 in Wyoming is not the place to break the seal on the box.


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