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  1. Default Any must sees on the east coast

    First I'm new here.

    We are a family of 4, kids will be 10(girls) 8 boy.

    We are going to be leaving Edmonton, Alberta june 23. Heading straight to Nashville for a couple days, then thru the Smokey Mountains to Washington DC for July 2-7, Delaware till the 11th. After that we have no plans but we are heading north and going to end up in Nova Scotia and PEI, then to Quebec City to Niagra falls to Michigan then final stop before heading home is going to be Wis Del then mall of america.

    We will be staying in a travel trailer. We plan on about 6 wks. We do have a budget(fairly high, but still a budget)

    I know all the main tourist stops, but what I'm looking for is any good out of the way places that people have found that would not be able to find on web searches. ie great sight seeing areas, campsites, great little restaurants etc.

    Thanks everyone

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    Default A Few Resources for that General Area

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Having poked around a bit in both New England and upstate New York, I have had occasion to recommend some out of the way places before, so let me just pint you to these compilations for New England and the area between Boston and Niagara. Also, if you're going to Wisconsin Dells, the nearby Circus World Museum might be worth a stop.


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    I've got three spots for you:

    Cumberland Plateau. Very off the beaten path, but there are several natural areas with uncommon scenery. I haven't gotten to explore this area too much yet besides a few random trips but can list the major spots you should look into: Frozen Head, Scott's Gulf, Fall Creek Falls, Savage Gulf, Fiery Gizzard. Look into Big South Fork Recreation Area and Walls of Jericho, as well. One or two of these spots would be enough for your type of trip unless your interest is really caught.

    Chattanooga. Fourth largest city in Tennessee, a river town. Steeped in history, location of Trail of Tears and very important Civil War battle sites. With that you have the surrounding scenery accesible from the riverfront downtown as well as random attractions like the Tennessee Aquarium, Hunter Museum of Art, Rock City Gardens, and Reflection Riding Arboretum. Definitely include this spot in your trip.

    Also, remember that there's a whole load of really wonderful terrain south of the Great Smoky Mountains in Cherokee National Forest (Tennessee), Nantahala National Forest (North Carolina), and the North Georgia mountains. Right up there with the Smokies in terms of scenery.

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