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    Hi. My 2 kids (ages 20 and 18) want to take a road trip this summer. 2 years ago we traveled from San Francisco to LA and loved it. We are from the East Coast. We'd like to see some of the beauty of the West. Of course, we immediately think of the Grand Canyon and Yellowstone (along with jeep tours in Sedona). We love exploring new places.

    Can we cover both national parks, or is that too ambitious? Any suggestions? Thanks. We are open to anything.

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Well, there are certainly ways to do a reasonable trip that includes Yellowstone and the Grand Canyon. Of course, the big key is time, which you didn't mention at all. If you've got 2 weeks and you're planning to fly out west doing a reasonable trip is very easy, if you've got one week and you are driving back and forth from the east coast, then you can't do a reasonable trip.

    You can get between the two parks in 2 days of driving, but you could take a week and still just be skimming the surface of the several other national parks that are between them.

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    Thanks! We have two weeks and do plan on flying out there. Can anyone provide a sample itinerary? My kids are flexible, but they like to stay busy. Hiking is fun, but they like some activities like ATV's and even fun touristy spots. What are the "do not miss" suggestions, and where to start. Thank you.

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    Default Get the family involved

    There really is no such thing as a sample itenary. For that you go to a travel agent. But hey, a road trip is an individual thing, and as much as I could tell you what I would do, it may, and probably is not, what you would be interested in.

    Neither are there "do not miss" places. Michael has already pointed you to the wealth of attractions in that area.

    What I can suggest to you is that you each - all four of you - take the compatibility quiz. Then you will get an idea on paper of what each is looking to get out of this trip.

    The other thing you may like to suggest to the family is that each is responsible for one aspect of the trip.... or for one day.... or each fourth day.... or whatever. That way the whole family is involved.

    And a trip is always much more fun when you have had some input into the planning.


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    Default Agreed.

    I agree, there are just so many variables it is for you and the family to decide what your "must sees" are. Sit down together with a good map and see what places seem of interest to you and start putting some dots down. Gain more info by typing key words into the RTA search function and see how you can fit these things into your trip. When you have the dots on the map, we can certainly help join them together but you have to take the first steps.

    A couple of things at this stage would be to decide whether you want to visit Grand canyon and Yellowstone or make it more concentrated in one of those area's and leave the other for another trip. If you want to do both, decide whether a one way trip would work for you and fly into one City and out of another, or to do a loop trip and start and finish from the same place. With the one way choice it should be noted that you will face the prospect of one way drop off fee's for your rental and possibly pay more for your flights.

    I also find the National parks interactive map a great planning tool for helping to choose my routes.

    Enjoy the planning and get back to us when you have done some "brain storming" with the family, kids included !

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