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  1. Default san francisco to las vegas in start of february

    hay every1
    read alot bout the advice on this trip but wasn't able to find much info regarding doing it during the winter times. like if tioga pass would be open or not. i know it would all depend on the wheather.
    well we will be leaving san fran on the 3rd feb really early due to traffic and have to be in vegas on the 4th doesnt matter what time but wanted to do yosemite on the way and was thinking of staying at bishop on the way.
    any relating info would be good on best route and where is a good place to get chain tyres and that kinda info.
    best regards

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    Default Bishop's a "no go."

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    The Tioga pass will be closed when you travel which means you can still visit Yosemite valley but then you will have to head South towards Bakersfield and around the Southern end of the Sierra mountains, which makes Bishop a no go area.

    With an early start from SF you should be able to have a look around in Yosemite valley and maybe stop at Oakhurst or nearer to the Fresno area and continue to Vegas next day.

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    ok thanx heaps for that info very handy to know. well we will start to find info on routes for that direction.

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