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  1. Default 20 Days - SF, Yosemite NP, LV, GC, Page, Moab, LV, LA itinerary review

    Hi everybody,
    this is my first post in this forum, but I have been reading it for a while. First of all I want to say hi to all af you ;-)

    I also want to ask to you what do you think about my roadtrip, which I am plannig starting June 2010. Every comment or remark would be highly appreciated. Thank you!

    1. Arrival in SFO (5. Juni 2010, 4pm)
    2. SF
    3. SF
    4. Rent a car in SF and the drive to Oakhurst, where we will stay overnight. During the afternoon we will visit Mariposa Grove. Question: it is better to sleep in Oakhurst or in the Yosemeite Park? If the second, where?
    5. Via Tioga Road (9. Juni should already be open...), Mammoth Lakes, Lone Pine. It is a long drive. I already knwow that.
    6. Lone Pine, Death Valley NP, arrive in Las Vegas in the early evening
    7. Drive to Tusayan, Hover Dam + first visit of GC
    8. GC (without big hike-trails) and drive to Page
    9. Page, Antelope Canyon, Horseshoe Bend, Kayenta (+ Monument Valley)
    10. Drive to Moab, Bike-Tour in Arches NP.
    11. Moab+Arches NP
    12. Drive trough Torrey and Escalante to Tropic (Bryce NP). Quick visit to Bryce NP, probably without trails.
    13. Tropic - Las Vegas
    14. Las Vegas, relax, outlets, hotels, casinos,...
    15. LV-Laguna Beach/Hills (beach, nice villas,...). Probably one stop in an outlet on the way to Laguna Beach.
    16. Drive to LA + first visit to the city
    17. Studios
    18. Malibų beach + LA
    19. Shopping in LA, then flight from LAX at 7pm
    20. Arrival in CH
    As I said, every comment would be appreciated. Regards from Switzerland.

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    Default good, but

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    The only real problem I see is that you are assuming that Tioga Pass will be open, and in early June that is by no means a sure thing. Really, the odds would be just slightly higher than 50/50. Here's the recent closing/opening dates for the road, so you can see for yourself what things have done in the past. There's just no way of knowing at this point if this will be an option.

    If it is closed, it is possible that one of the other passes will be open (such as Monitor or Sonora) or its possible that you'll have to go around via Bakersfield.

    As far as lodging at Yosemite, if you can stay in the park, I'd recommend it. You're looking at about a 45 minute drive into the valley from the towns outside the park, it will be a little easier to stay right in the heart of things. I'd also say that if you do decide to stay outside the park, Mariposa would be a better choice based on the fact that its closer to/easier to get to from San Francisco.

    Otherwise I think your outline looks pretty good.

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    Default Best.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums!

    Question: it is better to sleep in Oakhurst or in the Yosemeite Park?
    That would depend on whether "best" is referring to a budget choice [best value], which would be Oakhurst or the most convenient or best setting, which would be Yosemite. Given your time frame I would choose Yosemite valley for the night, you can find Tent cabins at a reasonable price, but they are not for everyone. You can find park lodging info here.

    The Tioga pass has a very good chance of being open when you travel, but by no means is a certainty. If it was closed you would have to go South towards Bakersfield and around the Southern edge of the Sierra's.

    I would try and get an early start from SF and also take the drive up to Glacier point in the afternoon for one of the nicest views you are ever likely to see. [That's saying something seeing as you are from Switzerland !]

    The remainder of your trip from Vegas to Vegas and onto LA is going to be quite busy, but I guess you know that already.

    Although time is tight, if possible I would certainly recommend a visit to Zion NP between Tropic and Vegas. Ruby's Inn is the closest lodging for Bryce canyon and once again, with time being an issue would make a god choice.

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    Hallo Southwest Dave and Midwest Michael!
    Thank you for your replies and for the helpful comments!

    We'll definitely try to sleep in the Yosemite NP instead of Oakhurst. We might travel from SF via Oakhurst to Mariposa Grove and Glacier Point, then we will sleep in El Portal or somewhere in the Park. I believe this will be suitable. We will try to book in advance. I also looked the pics of glacier point, and I have to admit they look great! (despite we live in Switzerland with a lots of mountains... :-))

    I really hope the Tioga Rd will be open, because if not we have to head south via Ridgecrest/Bakersfield. Therefore we wont book in advance in Lone Pine.

    "The remainder of your trip from Vegas to Vegas and onto LA is going to be quite busy, but I guess you know that already."

    Do you have any suggestions how to make it less busy? We really want to go to Arches NP, cause such things we definitely do not have in Switzerland ...

    Due to time constraints we will skip Zion NP. We will have few days to relax us in the LA's beaches ... and perhaps catch a baseball game or something.

    I will appreciate any further comment!

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    Default Re phrase.

    When I say "Busy" I mean they will be long day's as some of the roads are slow going and you will need to keep on the move, but you will be entertained all the way by the great scenery and doubt you will feel overly rushed, just wishing that you had a little more time.

    Everything listed is amazing and the only way to make it less busy is to add time or do less. To make the route slightly more efficient you could head North from Vegas to Tropic and reverse that part of your trip so that when you get to the Grand canyon/Tusayan, you can go direct to LA and save yourself the time of going through Vegas twice, however this would mean skipping the Hoover dam and would save less than a 100 miles on the road.

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