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    Default Lawton, OK to Houston,TX DEC 30-Jan 5

    I am driving to Houston from Lawton on the 30th.

    DEC 30,2006
    5am: Leaving Snowy/Icy Lawton
    6:30am: Stopping in Wichita Falls
    9am: Stopping in DFW spending the night
    I'm allowing extra time due to Traffic, Ice/Snow, and Police if they decied they have nothing better to do

    DEC 31, 2009
    5am: Leaving DFW to Houston
    6am: Stopping in Wacahachie
    11am: Arrive in Houston,TX
    11am-3pm Screw around Houston until I can sign in the hotel.
    3pm: Hotel to shower and get ready for the night

    Jan 1, 2010
    I will probably sleep until the afternoon. Then head to Galveston for the night with friends

    Is there anything else I could do in while in Houston. Anyway I can save some money... I was thinking about taking a little camping grill and some hot dogs and such to save money on food. I am from Houston so I am not used to the snow... Anything I should know that I did not learn in Winter Driving Class.

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    Default Snow Days

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    First of all, you need to understand that there is currently snow on the ground in Dallas/Fort Worth, so you won't be leaving wintry weather too quickly. Secondly, while winter driving classes can help, there is no substitute for actually being out in serious winter conditions to teach you what works and what doesn't. Take it very easy, keep your speed down, start braking early, and avoid any sudden moves and you should soon get a feel for what you need to be doing. Finally, if you're going to be staying with friends and inn hotels, a cook stove is going to be more bother than it's worth.


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