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    Hello road trip friends
    I was recently accepted to school out in Oregon.
    I need to be there by the 15th of January.
    I would rather not fly because I have stuff to bring.
    I did the same trip in May, from Mass to Oregon. Beautiful.
    Now that its January I am slightly worried about doing the same route. Basically I-90 to I-80 to I-84. Its snowy out there. I have an awd car. But I dont know if some of these routes are closed or if a southern route is better even if its far out of the way?
    has anyone taken this route at this time of year?
    am i crazy?

    i would really appreciate some advice. thank you

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    The simple fact of the matter is that there is no possible way to drive across the US without having the risk of winter weather. Every major cross country from I-90 to I-10 can and does see snow and ice in winter and in a bad storm, if plows can't keep up with the weather, they will close the highway.

    There is no point to generically going south, as it doesn't really increase your odds of seeing better weather and if you do see bad weather, plow crews are generally less experienced in dealing with the conditions. It may also mean that instead of hitting a snowstorm, you run into an ice storm - which is far worse in my opinion. There's also the fact that driving hundreds of miles out of the way means you'll have to spend more time on the road, which in and of itself increases your odds of seeing bad weather.

    In any case, you're looking at a 3000 mile drive following the most direct options, which is a good 5-6 days on the road, traveling safe distances in good weather. If you've got a hard deadline for when you need to be there, I'd leave at least a full week beforehand, at the bare minimum.

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    thank you for your great help.

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