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    Hey all new here and been looking for somewhere that could give me a few tips,
    We are planning a road trip for summer 2011 but havent a clue where, there are loads of places we would love to see however we have two children with us aged 14 15 so what do people who do this regular recommend????

    We dont know if we should rent a car and stay in motals or rent a camper and use that so as you can see nothing in mind

    Thanks in advance

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    Hello and welcome to RTA !

    It really is impossible to give you any meaningful advice with a blank piece of paper and thousands of possibilities, especially when we know nothing of your interests, where you will be starting from, how long you have etc etc.

    Again, only you can decide what works for you and your family regarding transport but an RV camper will be almost certainly the dearest option.

    I think you should get a detailed map of the US and sit down with the family, [Yep, involve the kids now and they will be more interested when on the road] and do some "brain storming. Once you have found places that look to be of interest, use the search button and key words to get more info throughout the forums and road trip planning pages. The beauty of the road trip is being able to go where you want, at the pace you want to go at, so once you have got that part under way, let us know and I am sure we could then start making some meaningful suggestions.

    Enjoy the planning !

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    Southwest Dave gives good advice when he suggests including the kids as much as you can, even let them take a rein if they're motivated enough. Get a guidebook like Lonely Planet's USA or one of the documentaries that gives an overview of the US and look into the regions that interest you especially (keeping in mind that popularity doesn't always correlate with worthwhile-ness).

    RVs are good in some situations but not all. If you're mostly visiting cities the RV would probably end up being more of a hassle than help. Even in some natural areas like the Smokies traveling in a smaller vehicle is more convenient.

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