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    Hey RoadTrippers,

    This is a roadtrip and a move for me. I'll be moving from NJ to Las Vegas likely sometime in February. I should admit first that I'm not a roadtrip enthusiast. I joined this forum in search of something that has been written about driving to and staying in the places I'm gonna be traveling. But I read around for a little while and everyone seemed friendly.

    I'm unemployed here and have no job waiting for me in Vegas so I have no restrictions in terms of how long this trip will take. I'd say a couple weeks at max though. The reason I started to think along the lines of a road trip as opposed to just driving in a straight line to Vegas is cuz I've always wanted to go to New Orleans. So New Orleans is the only place I am definitely going to. I know this will take me on more of a southern route across the country so I've tentatively looked at Charlotte NC, Nashville, Birmingham on the way to NO. The places to go from NO to Vegas are somewhat more limited it seems to a novice like me.

    I'm a single 25 year old male. I'm not much for sightseeing when I travel. I more like to just do what locals do. I don't have much money and just to give you guys an idea, my budget will probably be in the area of $500-1000. I plan on staying in hostels on my way and maybe some friends places depending on where I go.

    Any and all thoughts and input is welcome...especially since my post is so general. Sorry if this was a long introduction. And thanks in advance for any responses.


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    Quote Originally Posted by NJtosomewhere View Post
    This is a roadtrip and a move for me. I'll be moving from NJ to Las Vegas likely sometime
    Welcome to the Great America RoadTrip Forum! What are you driving? Rule of thumb -- I generally like to road trip on a about $100 per day for lodging, fuel and food, you can do it for less -- but with only $500 you'll really be stretching to make it if you do much more than point A to point B. On the other hand, there's little in the way in jobs right now in Las Vegas, so you might be wise to delay arrival here for a while.

    Best of fortune to you with whatever you decide!


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    Thanks Mark for the reply. Yea, I'm aware of the horrible economic climate in Vegas. I needed a new start in my life and I have a friend to live with in Vegas so that's where I decided. I'll be driving an '08 subaru legacy. Weather and gas mileage are fine. Your comment about $100 might change how long I make this trip thought. Depending on where I decide to go along the way I'll have a couple friends to stay with which will cut down on costs a little. I'll see what kind of money I can make up until my departure.

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