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    Hi all and merry xmas,

    I'm Italian ancd I love driving in US.
    I made several RT across your country.

    Next spring, from april 20 to may 1st I'd like to do the RT in the subject passing via Yellowstone and the Oregon trail (US 20).
    I've read that probably will be closed in that period; do You suggest to avoid all that route in that period?

    Any advice or other idea for that period?


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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    A couple things to keep in mind, first US-20 is no referred to as the Oregon Trail anywhere other than in the book/website Roadtrip USA. In general, if you ask about the Oregon Trail, people will think if the historic route used by early explorers Lewis and Clark, and in generally is a long way from US-20.

    I'd also encourage you, as I do with many others who use that resource, to avoid looking at roadtripping like there are only a dozen or so routes from which to do a roadtrip. In generally, you can do so much more if you look for what you want to do more than just following one specific route number.

    As far as roads closed, you won't have any issue getting across the country. However, the problem will be touring Yellowstone National Park. Most of that park will still be unreachable by car at that point of spring.

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    Benvenuto! Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Actually, Yellowstone usually opens to nearly full traffic around mid-April, so you should arrive just as the park is receiving its first visitors for the Spring season. Off-peak times such as that are a wonderful time to see the park's attractions and wildlife without having to stand in line or fight other tourists for the best vantage points, so I think you should have a great time.

    However, US-20 is not the Oregon Trail. If you want to see sights and historic locations associated with that route west, you should plan on following roughly US-30/US-26. Another good choice of route is I-90 across South Dakota. Be sure to also search the forums for o9ther suggestions on what to see in southern Idaho and western Washington and Oregon. There is a wealth of places worth visiting in that general area.


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    Thanks all for the suggestions.
    In effect I read about US20 - Oregon Trail on my old edition ('99) of Road Trip America.
    My trip would be as follow.
    Departs from Chicago, road to Dubuque, IA - Sioux City, IA - Mt Rushmore via US 20.
    At this poin the choises are two; heading north to Billings, MN via I-90 or going little bit south to avoid bad weather heading to Casper and proceed to Idaho Falls and entering Oregon via Boise.
    If weather will be nice I could try to enter Yellowstone park.

    What dou you think about it?

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