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    Hey all! I am going on a road trip from Duluth MN to Bandon OR, then to San Diego, then back home. We are planning on seeing as many national landmarks as we can, but I am wanting to know if there are any other random, fun, interesting things to do along the way for a 25 year old couple! Any suggestions are appreciated, thanks!

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    Default What's the time frame for this epic trip?

    Wow, depending upon how much time you spend in a few places, such a trip could easily take a month or more. I bet you don't have a month available though, So what how much time can you spend on the trip. Welcome to Great American RoadTrip Forum.


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    I wish I had a month! We were supposed to be leaving tomorrow morning, but we are in northern MN and we are having the "2009 Christmas Blizzard" so we delayed it for a day. We have about two weeks, we'll have to be back by at least Jan 11, but a day or two later wouldn't be the worst. :)

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    I'm really looking for those little restaurants or shops.. "if you go to __ you HAVE to check this place out" types of places! We're going to spend most of our time in California I think, we're staying in Oregon a day maybe two to stop and visit my BF's Grandpa, then heading to visit his brothers in San Diego. Thanks for the welcome!

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    Default So Many, So Little Time

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    The problem is not that there aren't any "if you go to __ you HAVE to check this place out" types of places, but that there are so many of them, and the quality is constantly changing, that the limited number of consistent contributors to this or any website simply can't keep up and give you any meaningful, timely advice. The best tip any one can give you 'is to "enquire locally". First of all, a recommendation for a great dinner place does you little good if you pass through town at 10:00 AM. Or I might have had a wonderful lunch in a diner in East Podunk that burned down and yet know nothing of the charming, out-of-the-way restaurant in West Podunk. The people who will know are the people who eat every day, and at every restaurant, in the whole Podunk area. Most fair sized towns have visitors bureaus that will be more than happy to point out some of the better eateries and attractions. They've never steered me wrong.


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