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    We are borrowing our folks' 31 foot RV and heading out for 5 days over New Years--San Diego to Paso Robles and (hopefully) back. "We" are two thirty-somethings and our three dogs. I've driven it on the highway, but I'm no-pro that's for sure.

    My questions are:

    1) What are your favorite RV camping spots (dog friendly preferred) from San Diego to Paso Robles?
    2) Are there any highways / roads that aren't safe for new-ish RV drivers? (Santa Ynez valley, San Simeion)
    3) What are the "must-see" spots along the way? We like off-the-beaten-path type stuff, hiking, nature, history, good food and wine.

    Any other advice / suggestions are definitely appreciated!

    Thanks in advance!

    Shawn, Aran, Buster, Cody & Zeppelin

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Well, I'm not an RVer either, so my advice is going to be pretty general. Clearly, in my opinion, your best options when traveling and camping are state parks. These generally have pads and hook-ups for RVs at very reasonable costs and typically allow pets as long as they're on leashes, are cleaned up after, and are under control at all times. As for roads, you should try to stick to the major, 4-lane or more, highways. When driving through major metropolitan areas with more than 2 lanes in your direction, stay one lane to the left of the farthest right lane and leave that one for merging and exiting traffic. Try to maintain a constant speed and some good space in front of you.Yes, people will cut into it, just let them and maintain an even keel. In the few areas where freeways are not available, state highways are built to criteria which will allow you to drive safely. Do try to be aware of traffic behind you and when you start gathering your own little parade, pull off and let it pass when there's an opportunity to do so. One of the highlights of your trip should be the Carrizo Plain National Monument.


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