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    Default My 90 day, 15,000 mile, 40 state American Adventure - Summer 2009


    This is a belated follow up to a thread I started earlier in 2009 about long-term car rental. (

    Though not perfect, due to some miscommunication between the tour operator, Virgin Holidays, and the rental company, Dollar, I did successfully hire a car for a one-way 63 day, 10,000 mile trip from LA to New York.

    I wrote a blog entry every day and if you are interested the blog started before my trip to include some info on the planning stage.

    The full itinerary for my trip was:
    - Fly from UK to New York
    - 3 days sightseeing on Manhattan Island
    - Transfer to New Jersey where I joined a 21 day "TrekAmerica" tour, under canvas. This tour took me to Washington DC, through Virginia, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, California and ended in LA
    - After a day relaxing in LA I picked up the renatl car at LAX... a bright red 2008 Dodge Charger (I rejected the Sebring Convertible on grounds of unreliable roof mechanism and tiny luggage space in the trunk.
    - From LA I drove North on the Pacific Coast Highway to San Francisco and on up to Redwood country, through Oregon being sure not to miss Crater Lake, into Washington and over the border to Vancouver B.C.
    - I crossed back into Washington then through Idaho, Montana, then south through Wyoming to Denver, Colorado.
    - From Denver I headed back north through Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota and into Minnesota.
    - I headed via Iowa and Wisconsin to Chicago to stay with my cousin for a week then headed west through Indiana, Michingan, Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and back into Upstate New York
    - I finished my tour with a trip through all the New England States, returning via Connecticut to New York City where I dropped off my hire car to the surprised rental office who marvelled at the 10,466 miles I had added to the clock.
    - After one last day in New York City I flew home to the UK.

    On my trip I passed through 40 states and travelled over 15,000 miles. I also "killed" my rental car in that I took it way past it's allocated mileage and it will have been sold on by now.

    I had some of the greatest experiences of my life in the USA and experienced such warmth and kindness from everyone I met.

    If I can ever afford to undertake such a trip again, I certainly will... I have 10 whole states I missed after all!

    I'd happily receive feedback on my blog should you choose to read any of it... especially if you are a publisher!

    I'm also more than happy to answer any questions anyone may have about my trip, particularly from the point of view of people concerned about travelling alone as I did for most of my trip. Single women can travel in safety in the USA.



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    Default Yankophile !

    Hi Misty, welcome back to RTA !

    That was an epic adventure so thank you for dropping by and updating us. I have found the same warmth and kindness from people on each of my visits and that helps to make it that little extra special.

    We have quite a few single female travellers who feel comfortable travelling alone and using common sense, but it is quite a question that comes up on the forums so it's always nice to have an added voice of experience.

    What a day, I have just discovered I am a Yankophile !

    Perhaps you could share some more of your thoughts and most memorable/favorite parts of your adventure on the forum ?

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    Read your blog misty, looks like you had a good time. I would wish to see more pictures if you have some, from the roadtrip..

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