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  1. Default Whole-country road trip (From PA)

    I am thinking about roadtripping it with a friend for a majority of the summer. We would start in PA and head south-west and out to California. We have seen the east coast and feel no need to travel directly south before we go west.

    I am looking for ideas on different cities to pass through/stay in (we will most likely be camping, so campsites such as KOA would be helpful. We will also be rock climbing in as many places as possible -- not looking for multi-day climbs, but good solid day climbs. We would arrive in southern cali. and travel north through the state then back east through Colorado and maybe hitting up Minnesota?

    I am not to sure. Looking for some good ideas from people who know what is out there more than I do. Really flexible schedule.

    Thanks for the ideas in advance!

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    Welcome to the RoadTrip America Forum!

    What kind of budget are you looking at for this trip? If you truly are going to be out there for the majority of the summer, that's the better part of three months, or 12 weeks, and can ring up a substantial tab, even if you camp most of the time.

    As far as camping goes, sometimes KOA is the only option in a particular area, but usually not. Their prices have gotten quite a bit out of hand in the past few years, so I would strongly recommend seeking alternates, such as state parks. Many of the state parks have significantly lower fees while still offering the same types of facilities that a private campground would offer.

    There are multiple different states you can pass through on your trip from California to Colorado. I'm not a climber (more of a hiker), but I think Utah would give you the most options.

    For those days when you will not be out climbing, what types of things do you enjoy?

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    Default A little research.


    I would take a look at a good map of the Country and find places that appeal to you. Once you have done so you can use the search function to find more info throughout the Road trip planning and forum pages.

    I agree with Tim, there are many private campgrounds as well as State and National parks that offer much better value, and they don't all look the same !

    I have seen rock climbers in Zion NP in Utah but it seemed pretty serious stuff ! At the Garden of the gods in Colorado [near Colorado springs] we saw people doing smaller climbs upon the rock formations, but I think you will have to do your own research on that one, I am sure there will be many possibilities.

    You can find a load of info on every National park using the Interactive map which also includes camping options. The problem with camping in the NP's is the availability during the busy months, if you want to remain flexible and "go with the flow" you will find a lot of them booked out, although they do have some "first come first served" sites if you get to the park early enough.

    If you want to visit a few [4 or more generally speaking] parks it is worth buying the annual pass for $80, it will save you money. Please note, this is for entry to the park and doesn't include camping or other fees that might be applicable.

    Once you have some ideas, let us know and we can help piece it together.

    Enjoy the planning !

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