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    Hello all- so I'm going to be doing a trek with a friend from Philly to St Louis in January and after reading the site for a while, I thought it would be a good idea to get some suggestions for my trip.

    We really have no idea where we want to stop, although we know that we have free places to stay in charleston, chicago, nashville, and cleveland (other stops arent at all out of the question though). We're going to leave on Wednesday and want to arrive on Friday or Saturday -- so two or three nights. We don't mind making the route incredibly indirect or anything and we both love driving, so as long as there will be fun sights, we're always up for it.

    Only thing though - we're going to be using a RWD sportscar - so roads that might be at all hairy in the winter are definitely out.

    Thanks in advance for the ideas!


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    Realistically, the best approach to this would be to head the straight route on I-76 and I-70, which will take you two days at a comfortable pace. However, hooking up with I-80 from I-76 will bring you past Cleveland and Chicago, adding a little bit to your route. One option would be to head to Cleveland for your first day, and then to Chicago on your second, then on to St. Louis.

    As for your choice of vehicle - well, truthfully most any road can become hairy in the winter, so having the proper tires and appropriate gear is a must for any vehicle, not just rear wheel drive. Probably the best tool your going to need is a good source for weather information. I wouldn't recommend heading towards Cleveland in the event of a snowstorm, what with lake effect snow and all the fun that it brings.

    Now, is this going to be a low budget trip, or do you have enough funds with you such that if you didn't have some free places to stay, that you'd be able to bunk down in a motel for the night?

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    Thanks for the response! As far as budget of the trip - while by no means are we trying to spend a ton, we can definitely justify spending some money to visit some interesting places and make the drive a more exciting adventure rather than a cumbersome drive.

    As for the car, unfortunately swapping out from the summer tires it currently has isn't a realistic option, so since our dates have a fair bit of flexibility, I've realized that there is a good possibility we could end up completely stuck in a motel somewhere for a day or even two. And ofcourse, outfitting with all of the "getting-unstuck" supplies is a must.

    70-76 is definitely the easiest/fastest way, but my worry was that it might be pretty boring -- I've never done the drive, but is there much aside from cornfields and eventually, Columbus and Indianapolis? And ofcourse, warmer weather is always enticing, so we had thoughts of a PHL-Charleston-Nashville-St Louis trip or something of the like..

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