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    hi we've been planning a roadtrip to new york to see the sights and ball drop for awhile and have decided to go with it this year. Me and 3 others are taking a 2008 honda odyssey from orlando to just north of newark. we plan on doing it in one day (18 hours) and we will leave fl at 5 am. our route is mainly 95 north. I have checked the weather for the day we leave (28th) and it looks clear all the way. I had some questions about driving on snow. Do the crews clear the roads quickly up north?? will the FWD van do decent in snow?? what would be a recommended threshold of snowfall before we should cancel the trip?? we arent going to make the trip if there is heavy snow but a good "safe" threshold. we are leaving in a week but we are still hung up on the snow issue on the way there. we are worried about the snow just on the trip...once we are in NYC the van stays in the hotel parking till we leave back for FL. I know these might be silly questions but our whole trip hangs in the balance because of this one issue!! i dont want all the time and research to go to waste!! haha thanks!

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    The 'safe' threshold for snowfall amount is whatever you're comfortable driving in. The type of car makes little difference. FWD helps a bit, but will be offset by the van's high center of gravity and extra mass. What counts is tire contact with the road and that can disappear entirely with an eighth of an inch of ice. The road crews from DC on north do a credible job of removing snow and salting the roads to prevent ice, but again, unless the roads are clear and dry, it's your skill and knowledge as a driver that matters most. In particular the determining factor should be your knowledge of your own limits. If the situation becomes at all uncomfortable, you should give up your quest to make it to Times Square. On the other hand, your time estimate for the trip is about right. Just make sure that you have two people awake at all times. Someone needs to keep the driver company and make sure he doesn't start to doze off.


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    Thank you!! the fact that the road crews are good at salting/clearing the roads is assuring if its wet its no problem (florida summer storms :) and i will def. take the advice of pulling over or cutting it short to DC if there is a weather situation....def. no reason to take risks. The forecast shows the 28th to be a great day all up and down the coast for driving but might have to wait a couple days for the Jan 1st forecast to come in and then again its not accurate till the day before :) Do the truck stops such as pilot and flying J's have weather information for the road ahead?

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    Hello phagt30,

    Just be aware of the legendary congestion from around Richmond/Fredricksburg, VA, all the rest of the way to NYC, and in particular the DC and Baltimore areas. You're looking to travel up and back in probably the highest annual traffic volume period of this particular corridor.

    Also be aware of the propensity for truckstops and all sorts of travel-oriented stops to have Wi-Fi available. With that and a laptop, you can do you own research as to forecasts and real-time conditions ahead. Most state's DOTs have an array of webcams, too. I had a ball watching Virginia's on Saturday afternoon.

    Travel safe and enjoy your RoadTrip.


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    Ok so i am just informed that the hotel is 10-15 mins away from the newark airport so my game plan on the 31st is to drive to Newark Airport and park the van there. Then take the Airtrain/PATH to Penn Station. Do these trains run 24 hrs. or atleast sufficently long enough to where i can make it back to Newark Airport after we ring in the new year at Times Square??? Thank you

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