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    Default DC to Oklahoma City sometime in April

    I'm going to be driving from the N VA area to Oklahoma City probably sometime in April. Can anyone recommend some good stops to make along the way? My daughter loves unusual places as well as history and I am trying to find a few stops that would be interesting for her so it can break up the trip a little. I already have a few different routes figured but am open to any suggestions. This is still in the early planning stages and I'm sure there will be lots of changes before the trip. Thanks in advance!

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    Default History and Scenery

    There is actually quite a bit of both on your way if you can take the time to enjoy them. For starters, you have at the very outset of your trip the opportunity to drive on America's first highway in the footsteps of Washington, Braddock and others. A couple of unique stops on the Maryland portion include a geologically intriguing road cut and a pre-Revolutionary fort. Then, as you cross Ohio, take some time to explore its Amish country, and in Illinois, you'll be near the heart of Lincoln's Home haunts. In St Louis, of course, there's the Museum of Westward Expansion and the associated Arch. And then it's down through the Ozarks to Oklahoma City.


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    Thanks for asking Nevermore1 and thanks for the reply AZBuck. We are planning same route for next year and I also found this:
    Cahokia Mounds. Just east of St. Louis and recommanded by a local expert.

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    Default Trail of Tears

    The Trail of Tears ended in Oklahoma and started (at least partially) in Chattanooga. Consider taking the Blue Ridge Parkway (or parts of it) down to the Great Smoky Mountains, then hop down to Chattanooga. From there you could sightsee in Nashville and Memphis and follow a little Trail of Tears history on the way. From personal experience I can tell you you'll find no shortage of things to do in the Smokies or in Chattanooga. In the latter you'll also find some very important Civil War sites including Chickamauga, the bloodiest battle of the war after Gettysburg.

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