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    Hello Roadtrippers...

    Thanks for this great site, It has been a great help to plan our road trip.

    I'm from Australia and our family of 5 are doing the Trek on 1/25/2010 to LA,LV,SF,LA.

    Unfortunately we are not going through Death Valley onto Yosemite as roads will be closed and there will be to many detours.

    I'm just asking where is the best place to stay as an overnighter somewhere in between LV & SF somewhere around Bakersfield as an idea.

    Also we need somewhere between SF & LA say around San luis Obispo.

    We require accomodation Hotel.

    Thanks for your help.

    Looking forward to the trip as this is our first roadtrip in the USA

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    Welcome to the RTA forum!

    Its a shame that you've decided against going to Death Valley and Yosemite. While its true that Tioga Pass is closed, it hardly means that you can't visit both of these places, and in many ways, winter can be a great time to see both of them. Really the only detour is that you have to go around the Sierras via the Bakersfield area, which it sounds like you'll be doing anyways.

    As far as specific hotel recommendations, we really aren't much help for that. The are dozens of hotel options in Bakersfield and SLO and in a relatively small community like this, there's just no way that we've seen even a tiny fraction of all the possibilities. For that sort of specific help, you're better off looking at websites like trip advisor or even the major booking sites like, expedia, etc that have a specific focus on motel reviews.

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    You don't say how long you have for this trip, how long you are staying in any place, nor whether you have made all your bookings. Because I would have to agree with Michael, it would be a crying shame if you missed out on seeing Death Valley after coming all that way. January is such a good time to visit, by April it can get pretty hot, and in May (when I visited) the heat can be unbearable. I would urge you, if you can possibly fit it in, to at least drive through it.

    And Yosemite is really much the same..... should not be missed.

    Lifey who urges you to reconsider

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    Default Triplicate.

    I have to agree with Michael and Lifey, it would be a shame to miss out on either one, but to miss out on both would be a tragedy!

    If you don't have an extra night to spare, you could still drive through Death valley and get to the Bakersfield area the same night via 160 to Pahrump, then Ash meadows road to Death valley junction and 190 across the park. Lake Isabella area would be an overnight option to get to SF next day although if you can take a night from elsewhere, Yosemite is a wonderland.

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    Thanks for your replies Michael,Lifey & Dave.

    We are still considering just driving through DV & Yose... but as we have children and the youngest is 22mths I dont feel safe driving in areas that chains are needed for cars and in the event that we may brake down with those cold temperatures.

    We have booked to stay at Bakersfield as an overnighter.
    We arre in CA from 2/25/2010-2/7/2010
    This is how our Itinery looks...

    25th LA,26thDriveLV,26th-29thLV,DriveBakers,30thSF-2,SLO2nd,LA2nd-7th, return home.

    Once again thanks for your insite.

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    Default Seehow it goes.

    As mentioned earlier you could make a detour across Death valley and get to Bakersfield same day, it's whether it would be to much for the young one's.
    It's probably best to wait and see how you feel at the time.

    As you have a few day's in Vegas you might want to consider one of the Day Trips listed here.

    Have a great time!

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