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    All - I am currently going through a divorce and need some time off on my own. I live in NJ and would like to take a road trip Florida. In Florida, I want to see Fort Lauderdale and Key West. I am planning to start on Dec 21st and return on Jan 3rd. Can you please give me some good driving and route itenararies to do this? I would like to preferably like to drive through beautiful places, see stuff, stay if I need to and enjoy the moments. Kindly advise a good plan. The going and coming back routes can also be different. I don't think I would be stopping at Atlantic city. Since I want to leave on Monday (Dec 21st) I would appreciate if you could provide some suggestions soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by anonymous1977 View Post
    I would like to preferably drive through beautiful places, see stuff, stay if I need to and enjoy the moments.
    My kind of tripping.

    Why not get a good road atlas or some good paper maps, and note the routes marked as scenic routes. Then hit the road, and see where it takes you.

    Not all trips need to be planned in detail.... just know where you are going, and how you are going to get there... and then choose the route as you go. This philosophy has taken me to the most amazing places which will never make it into the tourist brochures. Keep a log, and let us know how you went.

    And most of all, enjoy where you are, when you are there.

    Lifey who just wings it

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    Default Why not a Great Circle?

    Well, if you can in fact get OUT of NJ tomorrow, consider going coastal some of the way down and come back in the interior, roughly as follows:

    Take the main road to Cape May (Garden State Pky?). Book a reservation on the ferry by phone beforehand, and take the 2.75 hour crossing of the Delaware. Drive south down the Delmarva Peninsula and cross the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel into Norfolk/Va Beach. There either head west on US 58 to I-95 at Emporia, or keep south on VA and NC 168 to the NC Outer Banks. At Nag's Head, keep south on NC 12 to Hatteras Village, take the 45 minute ferry to Ocracoke, thence the 2.5 hr ferry from Ocracoke to Cedar Island. There you can head inland to I-95 or keep south along US 17 to Wilmington, NC.

    By Wilmington, I'd definitely head inland on US 74/76 to Florence, SC and I-95, as the Myrtle Beach area is pretty congested.

    On the return trip, if winter weather is allowing, you can come back up I-95 to I-26, thence all the way to and through the Blue Ridge Mountains to east Tennessee, where you'd pick up I-81. I-81 runs through rolling valley and ridge with the Blue Ridge on one side and the Alleghenies on the other, all the way to Harrisburg, PA, where I-78 returns you to the Newark, NJ area.

    As the experienced and successful RoadTrip Guru Lifey herself suggested, grab an Atlas and get ready to wing it.


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