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    When I was buying stuff for my winter roadtrip today, I came across a can called fix-a-flat. Does anyone have any experience with it? It claims to be able to fix small holes on the tire, but how likely is that kind of tire damage? From the note on the back of the can, it seems to be quite toxic. I'm reluctant to keep a can in my car if it is not very useful at all.


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    Well, its a very common product thats been around for many years at this point. If you just have a small leak, it can work to help quickly stop it and get you on your way.

    Having said that, People who work in tire shops pretty much universally hate the stuff. There is also the fact that a can of fix a flat costs $5-10, while a good tire shop will actually patch the leak for $15. And since it only works for pretty small leaks, it certainly can't replace a spare or be a way to get around learning how to change a tire.

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    Fix-a-flat has been in my car -- well, cars -- since college, and it is one of THE BEST PRODUCTS on earth. As long as your expectations of it are realistic.

    Realistic: Oh, no! I have a flat tire, it's dark and raining, and I need to drive 5 miles to get home. I'm by myself and can't jack the car up with the children inside . . . nor can I supervise them by a busy roadside while I deal with the tire. I'll still need a real fix tomorrow when it's light and I am safely in my own driveway, but this'll get me out of trouble right this minute.

    Unrealistic: Hey, I've got a flat. This product will fix my tire 'til my boyfriend/father/best guy friend comes back from vacation two weeks from now. If I pop a can of this in every 2-3 days, I'll be fine!

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    If you use it, go to a tire center ASAP to get it repaired correctly, and you MUST tell them that you used it. If not, the technician may get a face full of the stuff when deflating the tire to dismount it and he will be VERY displeased.

    It's safe to carry a can in your trunk and it could save you major hassles. In fact, the new 2010 Camaro comes with a can of it instead of a spare tire - a space saver spare is a $150 option.

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