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    My wife and I are planning this trip for mid to end of October 2010. The first part is a golfing trip and is already planned. After the golf we will be returning to San Francisco on Sat Oct 23rd and plan to fly to Vegas, hire a car and drive back up the pacific coast via places like Santa Barbara, Hearst Castle, Carmel & Monterey arriving back in San Francisco to fly home on October 30th.

    I thought we could spend 2 nights in Las Vegas, Sat, sun Oct 23rd and 24th followed by a single night in Las Vegas, maybe on the Queen Mary in Long Beach. Then 2 nights followed by another 2 nights and a further 1 night.

    Does anyone have any suggestions for hotels and B&B type establishments along the route?

    Any great sightseeing, we plan to do the 17 mile drive etc and take in Pebble Beach, whale watching and the rest. I believe there is a great aquarium at Monterey.

    What will the weather be like?

    Thanks in anticipation

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    We like to keep our recommendations based on personal experience and unfortunately there are just too few of us and too many restaurant and lodging options for us to make any meaningful suggestions. On the other hand we can offer you a wealth of suggestions for things to do in the general area you'll be experiencing. As for weather, there's simply no way that anyone can give you a forecast 10 months in advance, but that general timeframe should be pleasantly warm with the winter rainy season (maybe a few inches a month) just getting started.


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