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  1. Default Road Trip From N.Carolina To Tacoma, Washington!

    Thank goodness i've found this site.

    I need as much help as i can receive. I'm planning to go over the summer.
    But, what kinda costs am i looking at? So i'd be able to factor in how many ppl i should take with me, cause i was thinking of just bringing two others.

    & How long would it take to travel from here to Washington?
    What's likee the cheapest hotel out there or midrange price, avg.?

    Much Thanks Obliged!
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    Welcome to RTA Forums!

    Cost and time are going to be in the same ratio, and it really depends on what you want to get out of this trip. If you plan to be scenic and make multiple stops along the way you could do it comfortably in 10-12 days. If you plan to just drive from point A to B driving interstate highways around 3000 miles straight I would not push more than 5 days at 8 hours a day.

    Consider if you want to stay at hotels or if you plan to camp, perhaps a mixture of the two. Estimate about $80 for a decent hotel, perhaps more in major cities, and with camping fees around $30 for reservations and park fees (assuming you dont have buy the camping supplies). Gas for a small to mid size sedan averaging 30mpg will run 100 gallons and at $4pg for gas around $400 for fuel. Food cost will vary on your pallet, but eating out for three meals can quickly rack up. Also don't forget about 'fudge factors' sight seeing, gifts, perhaps a speed ticket, etc.

    I would start by plotting out what you want to see along the way and if you haven't done any long drives before, seeing how handle the road with a smaller weekend trip.

    Safe Traveling,
    lima tango

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    Default Where in NC?

    Hello darzilla,

    Our state is a large one. Travel time, and therefore costs, will depend upon distance, and depending upon where in NC you plan to leave from, a full day's travel is involved if you're leaving from coastal NC vs Asheville.

    I'd recommend first starting with Google Maps, Mapquest, or similar travel/map websites, just to get an idea of overall distance and most efficient routes. Then take several grains of salt, as the websites are considered very optimistic as to travel times, or at the very least don't take fuel, food, and nature stops into consideration. As the new year opens up, I'd assume the 2010 editions of the mainstream highway atlases will be available (and perhaps they already are) and most consider a good atlas an essential for cross-country travel.

    It's generally recommended not to travel more than around 600 miles/day here on the RTA forums, so simply dividing the overall distance by 550 or 600 will give you "days of travel" and your estimates of motel, food, and incidental costs will flow from that. Lastly, there are a number of tips herein concerning economizing on food and other travel costs.

    Have fun planning and taking your RoadTrip!


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    Default variables

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    There really are a whole lot of variables that cover a wide range of possiblities. The beauty of roadtrips is that they are not one size fits all trips, so each one is going to be different - thus your questions really aren't as simple as you might think.

    As was already mentioned, you could make the trip one way in as little as 5 days in a speed run mode (although you'd more likely be looking at 10-12 hours per day on the road, driving 8 hours a day, you'd need a 6th day.)

    For cheap hotels, $50 a night is a good average number for budget places, but certainly you can pay more for nicer places and/or if you are looking to spend time in major cities.

    The fuel cost calculator on the left side of the page can help you with gas costs.

    Food, on a tight budget where you cook most of your meals yourself will be as little as $10 per day per person, but that can easily jump into the $20-25 range if you will be frequently eating at restaurants.

    I would also strongly encourage you not to think of "how many people do I need to bring along to split the costs of my trip." There are a couple of factors that you need to think about, most importantly, the more people who come, the more people whose opinions you need to consider. If you go by yourself, it is your trip and you can do what every you want. If you bring others, then all of you have to start agreeing on what you'll see and do, how you'll travel, etc. The more people who come, the most compromises that have to be made for everyone and the more likely that you'll have hurt feelings if you aren't really thinking this out in advance. Theres also the matter that if you bring 3-4 people, you may need a bigger car to comfortably handle everyone, and when you start getting beyond 4 people, your costs can quickly go up as a standard sedan is no longer feasable and you'll need a very large vehicle or a second car using much more gas, and you'll start needing do double up on things like motel rooms and camp sites.

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    Thanks for the warm welcomes.

    I reside in the piedmont Region.

    & I'm planning on going from Point A TO point B.

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    Default Hotel/Motel discount coupon

    Quote Originally Posted by darzilla View Post
    What's likee the cheapest hotel out there or midrange price, avg.?
    While on the road, keep an eye open for the free hotel / motel discount coupon booklets, which can be found at most rest areas and welcome centres and many truckstops. Occasionally they are also found at retail outlets, restaurants, etc. There are some great bargains to be had for walk ups. Just make sure you ask to see the room, before you commit to it. This summer just gone, I never paid more than $45 (incl tax), and often much less. The rooms were clean, all had wifi and most had fridge and microwave.

    The coupons can also be found on the internet. There are several companies which publish these.

    Lifey who used them extensively

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