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  1. Default Detroit, Mi to San Francisco, Ca in 6 days.

    My wife and I have decided to drive after Christmas away from the cold Detroit weather to have a no-so-cold New Years in San Francisco. Iíd like to take Route 66, but then again Iím not really looking to see things, just get away from people. We were hoping to camp. But I donít think a direct route would get us away from the cold enough for good camping. Any recommendations?


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    Default No guarantees.

    No where is immune form winter weather and it's to early to tell what will be happening, Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    Our standard advice when travelling across country this time of year with the main goal being to get from A to B is to check the weather forecast prior to leaving and make an informed decision as to what route to take. The quickest route is also the one where being on the road less means less chance of seeing a storm, in this case it appears to be I80 which is 280 miles shorter than I40.

    We would also recommend 4.5 to 5 day's for the journey so having that extra day/ day and a half will make things a little more relaxed and if need be allow you to sit out any winter storms that might occur while the road crews do their job.

    I would search the options of stops you might have on each route and see what appeals to you the most and compare it to what the weather might have to say.

    Have a safe journey.

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    I agreed with Southwest Dave no route would be immune from cold weather in late Dec. or Jan. I96 then I80 would be the closest route. You said you wanted to camp will this be in an RV or tent camping? If you are traveling in an RV you should be able to find RV Parks or State Parks along the way. I love to camp but wouldn't try tent camping this time of the year anywhere north of I10. Its a trip of about 2380 miles so you should have plenty time
    Have a Fun & Safe trip

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    Thanks for the info! I appreciate all the help. We were thinking of tent camping, but it's gotten really cold the last couple days and I don't think my wife could manage. I've also lived too long in California and am more cautious in all this snow. I worry the I-80 is going to be a pretty cold drive, but I guess we'll just have to deal with it. Thanks again.

  5. Default Heading out Saturday

    Considering the weather reports on Saturday, does anyone have any suggestions for the route to take from Detroit to San Francisco?

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    Default into the belly

    Unfortuantly, there really is no great answer to your problem here. The storm that's hitting the midwest is going to cause problems for you tomorrow.

    If you want to avoid hitting bad weather, your best bet might be to try to leave early and head straight south to about Nashville. You might be able to out in front of the storm before it moves far enough east to cause problems. I-40 is looking pretty good for the next few days at least.

    The downside is that at the end of your first day, you'll basically be no closer to San Francisco than when you started. So you'd be looking at another solid 4 long days of driving to get there. There's also no guarentees that you still won't end up seeing bad weather especially on that first day.

    The other option, is to head right into the storm via I-80. Tomorrow will likely be some pretty rough going, and you might see some lingering effects into Sunday. On the positive, once you get to about Nebraska, you should be in good shape, and you'd always be making progress towards your destination.

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    Thanks for the tips. Yeah, hard to tell. I think I'm just going to have to wait and see what it's like tomorrow. I'm thinking heading south is just best. I just would hate to waste time down the I75.

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