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  1. Default Road trip from NY to CA - 15days - Christmas holidays

    I am planning a road trip from NY to CA during the last 2 weeks of December. I am planning to start on 18th Dec and be back on 3rd Jan. I am ok to drive over 650-700 miles per day. My ultimate plan is to see the most number of places in CA that includes San Diego,LA,Yosemite if weather permitting and San Franscisco. I also want to drive the pacific highway in CA.
    I am wondering if I could accomplish this smoothly within 15 days.

    This is the route I am planning
    NY ---> Indianapolis - Day 1
    Indianapolis ---> Oklahoma city - Day 2
    oklahoma city -> gallup,nm - Day 3
    gallup,nm --> san diego - Day 4

    Day 5 to Day 10 in CA

    San Francisco ---> salt lake city,utah - day 11
    salt lake city ---> Denver,CO - day 12
    denver,co ---> des moine,iowa - day 13
    des moine --> toledo,oh - day 14
    day 15 back home

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    Default really pushing it

    I would really encourage you to add another day to your trip each way. 700 miles a day is a ton of miles to try and cover. Its not too bad for one day, but those long 12+ hour days in the car just can't safely be done on a day after day basis. It also assumes you'll see perfect weather conditions, which is just not very realistic for a cross country trip in December.

    Simply put, you're going to be so exhausted when you get to California on your current pace that if you did safely make it there in one piece, that you're going to need at least a day just to recover from the road before you'll really be able to have any fun.

    I will also note for your routing coming home that Denver is not on a straight line between Salt Lake City and Des Moines. You'll be much better off staying somewhere along I-80, where there are plenty of towns with a wide variety of motel options.

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    I think this would be a lot more reasonable:

    Stops on the way out - Columbus OH, Springfield MO, Amarillo TX, Flagstaff AZ.
    Stops on the way back - Wendover NV/UT, Cheyenne WY, Des Moines IA, Toledo OH.

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    Thank you guys for your recommendations. The only reason I had stops at OK and Denver on the way up and down was that we got some close friends in Ok city and Denver,CO and planned to spend the night with them for a short visit.
    I certainly agree about Michael's comments about making the trip in 5 days one way. I am studying the roads and highways more in google maps.

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    OKC is kinda in an in-between place for an overnight on a 5 day drive. However, on the way back you can get off of I-80 in Fernley and take US-50 to I-70 to get to Denver. Stop in Ely for your overnight - in fact, that's exactly where I'm at right now. I'm staying in the Main Motel. It's a renovated 50's style motel and it's pretty basic but quite livable and clean. Figure about 60 bucks. There's also a Motel 6 here that's fairly new, and it's considerably cheaper. I'm heading west, and the roads were good all the way in from Denver. It was a bit wet up over Vail Pass on 70 and there were a few icy spots through some cuts on 50 around the 25 to 30 mile marker in UT, no big deal, that was a posted 35 mph zone anyway. 50 is a FAST 2 lane road - the speed limit through most of NV is 70 and it's mostly 65 in UT.

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