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    Hello Gurus,

    I'm going to drive from the south bay (Sunnyvale) to Palm Springs on Tuesday, Dec 22. Given that it is a weekday and I want to avoid LA traffic, and also to avoid possible closure of I-5 at Grapevine as it happened a few days back, this is the route I have in mind:

    US 101 -> CA-152 -> I-5 -> CA-46 -> CA-99 -> CA-58 -> CA-395 -> I-15 -> I-215 -> I-10

    Although this is only 20 miles longer and has long stretches on highways rather than freeways compared to the direct route of US 101 -> CA-152 -> I-5 -> I-10, I'm thinking this will end up being faster.

    However, I haven't driven any of the following routes and so I'm just speculating: I-5 south of the CA-46 intersection until the I-10 intersection, I-10 east until Palm Springs, and CA-395 from CA-58 to I-15.

    Please let me know what you think.

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    To be honest, I would be a bit surprised if you did in fact save any time by cutting east through Bakersfield and Mojave before turning south to Palm Springs. the real problem is not the roads which will be fine, even if only two lanes wide, but having to negotiate your way through Bakersfield. Also, there's no guarantee that Tehachapi Pass will be open when the Grapevine is closed, and you have to go through one or the other. Still, I think for the peace of mind and a more relaxed drive, I'd take your proposed alternative rather than just I-5 to I-10.


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    If you go through LA, don't take I-5 all the way to I-10. Take I-210 to I-15 to I-10.

    If you take your proposed alternate, not only is there Tehachapi Pass, there's Cajon Pass on I-15, and US-395 from CA-58 to I-15 is a heavily traveled 2 lane highway with over 20 miles of no passing zone.

    Bakersfield is no problem getting through, 99 and 58 are freeways.

    Another route to look at is CA-58 to Barstow, then CA-247 to CA-62.

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