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    Hey there, a friend and I are thinking of taking a road trip from the Seattle area down to atleast San Francisco and maybe to Montery Bay. This trip would happen in late May to early June, when she gets out of school and before she has to start work. We would like to drive down the Oregon Coast one way and hit the Redwoods, Sequoias, Yosemite and maybe Reno and Crater Lake (possibly mt ranier on the way back because I've never been). There's a bunch of National Monuments around those places and I'm wondering which are worth going to. We have 10-14 days, and plan on camping out for most of it. My road trip companion has camping supplies. We're both nature lovers and enjoy different sort of ecosystems so I want to go to as many unique areas and views as possible. Is it reasonable to do all of this in the time alotted? It seems like a nice little circuit to me. What location would I spend the night? Which places can I get to in the same day? I plan on spending two nights in San Francisco.

    This is only my second road trip as an adult, and I didn't plan the other one, so I'm a bit nervous at the beginning stages of this an appreciate any info anyone can offer. Also, what sort of budget would be reasonable
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    Howdy, was the first trip the road trip from Minneapolis to Seattle? Given that you characterize yourselves as being "nature lovers" I think you might want to cut the destinations for this trip in half or by 2/3 so you can spend some time in a couple places long enough to actually see what there's to see -- otherwise you'd spend about 12-14 hours per day in the car to hit all of these places in 10 days.....
    taking a road trip from the Seattle area down to at least San Francisco and maybe to Monterey Bay.
    Driving down the coast and camping will require a minimum of three days to reach Monterey, but I think you may have more fun if you limited the trip to southern Oregon and Northern California. Oregon has some of the nicest state campgrounds in the USA and you could still see Redwoods NP, Mt. St. Helens and Mt. Rainier in a shorter loop. Here's a field report to give you some ideas. Here's another about Crater Lake. And you could spend some time on the Newton Drury Scenic Road and along the Avenue of the Giants.


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    Yeah, the Minneapolis trip that I went on was my first as an adult. My partner ended up planning pretty much the whole thing, it was too fast paced for me, and I ended up only spending one day in Yellowstone. I realized during the trip that we weren't at all compatible as road trip partners (hindsight being what it is, I should have realized from the beginning). I wanted to take it slower than she did. This one should be better. I'm taking more of an initative planning, and my new trip companion and I have more things in common.

    I need to get into San Francisco, or the shorter loop would be nice. I was born there, and haven't been back in ten years, and I'm looking forward to meeting up with my god mother.

    I don't really need to go to Mt St. Helens or Rainier (I could take a day trip to either at a different time and I visited Mt. St. Helens as a kid). I guess we could also take Reno out of the equation as well. I'm not married to Death Valley either really (is it worth the extra drive?).

    I ended up going to Seaside and Tillamook Oregon on my last trip (found a restaurant in Southern Idaho that I wanted to go to so we went up through Oregon) so I don't really want to spend much time there, as long as I get there before sunset and can walk on the beach for a few. I was thinking of maybe stopping in Cannon instead. I am really excited about driving along the Oregon Coastline though, its really pretty.

    I'm hoping for maybe 6-8 hours per driving day.

    Those scenic byways look awesome. Thanks for that info.

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    Oregon coast line is sensational! I'd be a little wary about 6 - 8 hours of driving a day. Trust me, it can get pretty tedious, and part of the beauty of the journey is being able to pause, hike, discover, explore and meander.

    So unless you are planning to wake at the crack of dawn and squeeze everything in at record pace, I'd suggest cutting your drive time in half and finding great spots along the way to camp out (even if it is just for a nice lunch break).

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