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    Hello everyone,

    I've been reading through the forum for a while now and there is so much great information. I hope I can impose upon you all to offer me some advice.

    My wife and I will be driving cross country from New York City to LA on Dec 27th. We don't have to be in LA until Jan 7 so we have (I think) a good deal of time.

    Our plan is to travel without much of a plan at all. We want to stop in Nashville one day to visit family, perhaps a second one day stop in southern Utah (Kenab) and a third stop in Las Vegas. Utah and Vegas are both optional for us.

    We were thinking we would take 81 to 40 for Nashville and then 40 west moving north around Flagstaff and then cutting over to Las Vegas after visiting Southern Utah. From Vegas we figured to just take 15 to 40 again and into LA.

    We hope (weather permitting) to stop where and when we want and not tax ourselves or the car much. The car is a little older (2005) but in great condition and has just been fully services and had we will be getting new tires on it this week.

    So, I am a little worried about weather as it will be Dec/Jan and I would like to avoid as much snow as possible. We also like to take some exits and see/dine in the local towns. Interstates can be a little sterile for that.

    I would love any advice anyone can give me on the route, the weather, general tips or concerns and recommendations for things to see or places to dine along the way.

    Thank you!


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    Default In good shape

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    To be honest you seem to be in pretty good shape. We would normally recommend 5-6 day's minimum to cross the country so you have plenty of time to meander along and "go with the flow, take your time and be able to sit out a winter storm if need be. Of course nobody can give you an accurate weather forecast so far in advance, so being able to keep your options open is helpful.

    If you head for Kanab[?] it would be a shame not to visit the South rim of the Grand canyon. If you continued to Williams and headed North on 64 to the Southern entrance to the Village area and then continue out of the East entrance on Desert view drive [also 64] you will get some fantastic views. Back on the 89 the Cameron trading post has an interesting and large store, food and lodging if needed. From Kanab to Vegas I would definitely recommend a stop at Zion NP and the little town of Springdale, also between Vegas and LA you might want to consider an overnight stop and detour across the fascinating landscape of Death valley.

    Here's a great list of places to get off Interstate and relax a while.

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