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  1. Default California-Arizona-Nevada tour from 29th of dec

    Hi to all,
    I'm going to go in California after staying in NYC for Christmas.
    I plan to leave NY to one of the city in California (or Arizona or Nevada or where could be useful) and then rent a car a visit the regions till 7th of January when I have to arrive to Las Vegas for the CES 2010.
    After I'll go to LA on 10th to fly to Europe from there.

    I'll like to see San Francisco, Big Sur, San Diego and Grand Canyon area.

    Could you suggest me some interesting roadtrip? I can consider also to leave the car and fly instead, so we could spend less time and visit more places.

    Oh, it's the first time for me and my wife in the USA.
    We are Italians and about 45 years old.

    Thank you.


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    Default Have a look around.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    You will find many threads full of info on this popular trip that will help you decide how you want to spend your time. To get you started these are some of our favorites.

    Starting and finishing in LA with the fact you have little time at the end of your trip does make it a little tricky as you want to go North, South and East to hit the spots you have mentioned, and normally I would recommend a full loop of LA to SD, GC, Vegas, SF and back to LA.

    Could you fly home from Vegas or are you tied down to an LA flight ? If this was possible I would start in San Fran>Big Sur>LA>SD>GC and end in Vegas for your event. Of course you could still drive back to LA after Vegas if you needed to. A lot will depend on how long you want to spend travelling around, for instance if you have to fly from LA and are going there at the end of your trip, instead of going there twice you could cut out San Diego and travel inland from the coast before hitting LA to Grand canyon and have a more relaxed pace.

    Have a look around and study a good map and when you have worked things out we can help you "fine tune" your trip.

  3. Default Looked around!

    This is my ideal roadtrip if I had a lot of time!

    But it seems too long to complete in 10 days, so help to cut away some destinations or suggest a flay to spend less time driving a have more time to visit.

    Thank you

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