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  1. Default Las Vegas, Grand Canyon and ?

    Hi - am looking for some inspiration!
    We are planning a 14-16 day trip to the US from the UK in late Spring 2010.
    The plan to date is to spend at least 4 whole days and nights in Vegas, plus the same in the Grand Canyon.
    We don't want to spend hours in the car travelling, but want to make the most of our stay - preferably somewhere to chill by the coast.
    Would love your opinion on where to spend our third part of our holiday?
    Thanks in anticipation!
    Claire x

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    Default Lot's of options.

    Hi Claire, welcome back.

    It would seem you have had a re-think from your original plan.

    Do you want to return to Vegas or do a one way trip ? You could head from GC to LA/Santa Barbara area and drive up the coast to San Fran, either finishing you trip here or drive to Yosemite and then back to Vegas. You might well have to head South from Yosemite this time of year as the Tioga pass[CA120] across the Sierra's might be closed.

    Here is a link to some Day trips from Vegas and if you are to spend 4 day's at the Grand canyon you could visit Monument valley and other nearby attractions.

    Another popular route [with no coast] would be to head to Lake Powell from GC and then Bryce canyon to Zion NP and back to Vegas which makes a very scenic and easy going loop. With 8 day's but more miles you could even head out through Monument valley and Arches NP and back on scenic 12 to Bryce and Zion.

    Have a look around the forums by way of the search button and you will find lot's of info.

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    Hi Southwest Dave

    We did actually tour california last spring - it was amazing! We also stopped at Vegas and the Canyon, but only had 2 nights in Vegas (wasn't enough), and we took a day trip to the Canyon (again wasn't enough!) - hence we want to return and do both justice!

    Although I'd love to go back to LA, my b/f isn't so keen, so the beach option there is a no-go.

    We've no particular order of the trip - will probably depend on the price of flights.

    The coast road to San Fran is definitely an option - we loved it there too!

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    Default Vegas and The Canyon

    Have you considered flying to Phoenix.
    Drive straight to Sedona (two nights)- you'll be tired so chill out the next day.
    Drive to the Canyon from Sedona - a glorious trip.
    Spend time in the Canyon (three nights) then drive to Vegas (four nights)
    That makes nine nights.
    Drive from Vegas to Lone Pine via Death Valley( 1 night )
    Lone Pine to Yosemite (2 nights )
    Then up to S.F.

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