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    My husband and I are in the planning mode for a potential trip to Yosemite early next summer. We'd like to see Yosemite/Sequoia and Kings Canyon. Considering either flying into Las Vegas or San Francisco and are taking 10 days to do this.

    Options: Fly to Vegas and do either a driving loop or rent an RV
    Fly to San Francisco and do the loop from there

    Any ideas or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.


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    Default Either/Or

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    Certainly 10 days is a goodly amount of time to do a loop trip that includes San Francisco, Yosemite, Las Vegas, and other attractions in that general area. I wouldn't get too hung up on where your start/end point is since you'll still be seeing basically the same places. Just look for whichever gateway city gives you the best combined deal on airline prices and RV rental costs and then enjoy the savings and the trip.

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    Default RV and NP's

    The National parks get booked up quickly in the summer months and if you want to stay in them it is advisable to book at the earliest possible time available. We have stayed in the National parks in an RV and had a wonderful time and if it's a lifestyle choice go for it, but if there are just the two of you it won't be so budget friendly. [Although lodgings inside the parks can be pricey and camping is around $20]

    Mod note. [In case you have already read Buck's reply, I have fixed the link I think he intended for you, it has lots of info for you in the area plus you will find many more searching the forums.

    When you have looked around just ask if you have other questions.

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